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The Sou’wester offers the perfect setting for working on a project. We host Artist Residents for a reduced weekly rate (Sunday – Friday) of $250-$350/wk depending on the season. Perfect for writers, musicians, visual artists, craftsmen, cook, engineers and more. 

  • Spend a distraction-free week, on the Pacific Coast, devoted to your own creative pursuits 
  • Enjoy our Garden Spa & Finnish Sauna
  • Participate in our donation-based Weekly Wellness Offerings which includes a fresh juice flight, tea, guided meditation, sound bath and yoga.

To Apply:

Please fill out our Artist-In-Residence Application which will include a description of the project you would like to work on while here and what your space/technical needs are to We will review it and be in touch to work out logistics and scheduling.


New Addition to our Artist-In-Residence Program

The Champion: Analog Recording Studio

The Champion is a 1968 Ford motor home converted to an analog recording studio. It is rentable weekly as an artist residency or nightly as you see fit – through the Sou’wester and Curly Cassettes. Here is more info.

  • It comes equipped with some basic microphones (SM-57/SM-58) and cables.
  • Two built in guitar amplifiers (can be mic’d or use direct out) as well as a
  • Vintage Califone Record Player/ Tube Amp
  • Short scale (64 key) Marco Polo acoustic piano!
  • Milk crate full of percussion
  • 2 Track Stereo Cassette Recorder – Cassettes available in Sou’ Store
  • Stereo 1/4″ Reel-To-Reel Recorder (Akai GX-215D) Reels available in Sou’ Store
  • Residents are encouraged to bring their own microphones, instruments and
  • recording devices/ laptops

Guests have access to Sauna, Pavilion Bathhouse and Outdoor Kitchen.

The gear will be rotating and changing as time progresses and the waves keep rolling in.

  • Artist Residency For The Champion – weekday rates
    • $300 weekly as studio and to sleep in. (Sunday- Friday) – accommodates 2 max (on 4 inch foam pads – not ‘real’ mattresses.)
    • $250 weekly as add-on with only one other rented space.
    • $133 – Nightly
    • $30 Hourly if not being rented as Artist Residency.
    • $50 Hourly with Mr. Curly Dr. Curly as Engineer.

Some simple Champion policies are:

  • You break it, you pay for it.
  • NO drinks on the piano.
  • No shoes inside (get cozy).
  • No loud music after midnight.
  • Always lock the door behind you.
  • Please credit ‘Sou’ Wester Artist Residency/ Curly Cassettes/ the Champion Mobile Unit’ if you release any of these recordings.
  • Leave an Audio artifact with us at the main desk and you will be included in the annual Champion mix tape series.
  • Have FUN!
  • Enjoy your stay!




Artists-In-Residence Spotlight

Amanda Manitach



Cory Gray



Short Run



Genevieve Metson



Martha Grover




A nice article about the residency program and Mico Kristen



Our very first artist in residence, Darren Hanlon released this video






Here are some examples of other artists residencies.

Nick Jaina and the 20 Song Game .
This is a beautifully written article about the 20 song game. The part about the Sou’wester Residency is described in the second half of the article. Scroll down!

Michelle Cline and XOBRUNO
This gives a great sense of the process; the intersection of social and solitary time, of indoor space and outdoor and of the process of pattern making.

Kyle Durrie and state drawings. This is our first resident of our newest Spartan, the Jet Trim Styled 57 Manor. What a fitting project to evoke a nostalgia of travel reinterpreted with the clarity of hand drawn lines. We can’t wait for some of these to filter back our way.

Participating Artists fall/winter 2013
Joseph McVetty
Darren Hanlon
Lisa Schonberg
John Bowers & Aaron – Nurses
Fiona Campbell
Yeah Collective

Participating Artists winter 2014
Dicky Dahl
Scott Ballard
E.P. Davee
Jodie Cavalier
John Frentress

Participating Artists 2012-2013
Damon Myer and Tessie Ward
Darren Hanlon
Joe Chasse
Michelle Kline
Lance E Pants
Nicky Kriara
Steph Choi and Tony Caldera
Katy Davidson
Sarah Shields
Pamela Davis
Jeff Rowles
Sarah Hendrickson & John Bowers
Christian Profeta & Abigail Susik
Leroy Ryan Mill

Pure Bathing Culture – Ivory Coast
Fever Damm – Maybe You Should Move
Mike Coykendall – Scarecrow (Cover)
Sound Artist
Cory Gray

Opening April 27th – at the English Nursery
Lynn De Danaan.
Katy Davidson

Each of the rooms in the Lodge is a small and private art show.

currently showing

  • Jolyn Fry – #5
  • Nancy Prior -#1
  • Sid Deluka – #4
  • Alicia McDade -#2
  • Nicky Kriara – #3

    • Keegan Wenkman
    • David Potter