Exit Interview (Artist Residency Program)

To complete your residency, please fill out the form below. Then, be sure to send us your content files (these can be pictures or audio) that demonstrate your work, your process, and your experience here. These will be an integral part of the Sou’wester Artist Residency Archive. 

We love any updates on any projects that have been worked on. Please stay in touch! 

What was your process/progress? Did you have any insights or revelations?
Please provide web addresses for any documentation of your stay. (Blog post, gallery of your work, etc). If you are sending content files directly, please email to souwesterlodge@gmail.com separately from this form.
If you are shipping your work please send to PO Box 102 Seaview, WA 98644 (for USPS) or 3728 J Place Seaview, WA 98644 (for Fed Ex or UPS). Include title, medium, description & date of your residency in your package.


If you have a blog, or other way you communicate and promote your work, we would love it if you wrote something up about your experience.