The Sou’wester is proud to partner with Mamook Wellness to offer therapeutic massage and bodywork in a beautifully renovated 1954 Boles Aero Vintage Travel Trailer.

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The Sou’wester  $70 for 1hr
You’re here to relax.  This bodywork treatment is a medium pressure Swedish therapy massage with light stretching and rocking, perfect for ending a day of beach combing and preparing for a night around the fire.

Deep Tissue Bodywork  $75 for 1hr/ $95 for 90 minutes

Deep tissue bodywork engages the muscular system on a deeper level and accommodates folks who are looking for a good work out with significant structural changes.  Loosen up for that hike tomorrow, release the low back from a day of razor clamming, take care of that muscle cramp you got while carving the surf.

Clinical Strategy Treatment $75 for 1hr/ $95 for 90 minutes
This is Vetiver Therapies specialty, a strategically focused massage session utilizing deep tissue massage, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, trigger point therapy, Chinese medical cupping, hydrotherapy, and reflexology.  This treatment accommodates direct injury trauma and repetitive use injury; as a result of, occupational, sports, and motor vehicle accidents.

Detox Focus Treatment  $95 for 90 minutes
The unique 90 minute Detox Focus Treatment fuses Swedish therapy, acupressure, Chinese medical cupping, reflexology, a castor oil pack, and lymph drainage techniques to enhance toxin release from muscle tissue and the organs of elimination.  It is relaxing and rejuvenating, and perfectly compliments wellness retreats and detox focused diets.

Reflexology  $45 for 45 minutes
This treatment begins with a moist hot towel application and salt scrub to your pedals.  Once warmed and relaxed, reflex points are nurtured in the feet, enhancing nervous system action to the organs and the muscular system.  The session ends with a relaxing foot massage, leaving you light on your feet and right in your head.

Private Meditation Instruction  $45 for 60 minutes
Inspired by the Soto Zen tradition of Shikantaza (“just sitting”), this mindfulness meditation helps foster awareness and presence, enhancing our quality of life for ourselves and all we encounter.


A graduate of Chicago’s Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy, Jackson has practiced therapeutic massage and bodywork since 2001.  He specializes in occupational and repetitive use injury rehabilitation, as well as detoxification and stress management injuries. Treatment sessions are tailored to the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances, focusing on structural alignment and pain management with a rhythm that fosters deep relaxation.  His work is a strategic integration of myofascial release, deep tissue massage, reflexology, liniments, lymph drainage massage, hydrotherapy, cupping, acupressure, Swedish and trigger point therapies.  In addition he enjoyed a nationwide career as a massage educator, curriculum author and consultant for 6 years.  Zazen, skateboarding, bioregional herbalism, street medicine, writing, and being a part of the Sou’wester community are among his other loves and practices.

Schedule your appointment ONLINE or call 206-300-6596.