Summer 2019 Retreat Series

Take time to nourish with self-care, education and play


JUNE  17th-20th Unleash Your Spiritual Super Powers

with Aimee Ward & Garnet Griebel


This retreat will provide you with an array of practical spiritual tools that will dramatically support your ability to live your highest and purest expression as an Infinite Being. You will tap into the Source of Creation to tune into your Higher Self and illuminate the path towards your greatest manifestations.

JUNE 25th-28th Inbodiment: Applying Energy Concepts to Release Tension

with Dr Heidi Walrath

This workshop is for who wish strengthen their ability to heal thy self.

What stories are stuck in your body?

The “how to” look, listen and feel within.

JULY 21st-23rd  Nature/Nurture: A Playful Summer Movement Retreat

with Monicka Koneski & Britt Rhoden

*Please sign up directly through the Bhaktishop Yoga Center: weloveyou@thebhaktishop.com 

Join Monicka and Britt for this sweet little summer gem of a retreat, where you’ll have an opportunity to move in a variety of ways while enjoying the beauty of the Pacific NW Coast! Both of these yoga and movement teachers share a dedication to smart and functional movement while offering you a chance to reconnect with yourself through yoga asana, somatic movement, meditation, playfulness and time in nature.

AUGUST 4th-7th  Healer’s Respite: Return to Love

with Fawn Williams

For those whose life calling is to help others, it is vital to find solace. Delight in the vessel of your own body beside the ocean waves. Commune with other empaths and healers, stoke the fires of your passion to help, and heal yourself by slowing down. Learn about self-care through Ayurvedic wisdom and Yoga Therapy, unlock creativity and inner bliss through somatic play, tap into yoga philosophy as Social Justice, practice therapeutic yoga. Open to therapists, teachers, activists, caregivers, helpers, and healers. Registered Yoga Teachers can receive Continuing Education.

Photo by Chelsea Petrakis

AUGUST 25th-28th 

Let That Shift Go! – Cultivating Compassion During Shifty Times

with Shanna Gillette

SEPTEMBER 1st-4th  Lunar Being

with Suzy Olsen

Learn the astrological wisdom of your personal moon through sacred symbols and ancient traditions. 

SEPTEMBER 9th-12th  The Art of Bright Leadership

with Gracie Koester

SEPTEMBER 29th-OCTOBER 2nd  Expansive Alignment: Committing to Your Vision

with Renee Sills

This unique retreat combines astrological method and how-to, movement, meditation, somatic healing practices, and creative, intuitive journeying.


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