Offered weekly as part of our non-profit programming, all classes are donation-based. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We welcome both guests and community members. 

To sign-up, please RSVP using the form below. We ask for a minimum of 3 attendees to run each class. If your class has been cancelled you will be notified prior to attending. 


MONDAY 10:00a – Juice & Smoothie Bar (suggested $5)
A flight of three full-bodied fruits and vegetables from Roots served in the Lodge Living Room. 

TUESDAY 10:00a – Golden Milk in the Lodge (suggested $3)
Warm turmeric, ginger and black pepper latte with coconut milk, honey and other spices served in the Lodge Living Room.

WEDNESDAY 3:30p – Mudras Meditation with Silas (suggested 10$)
An early Pali form of meditation using mudras and visualization to touch back into loving compassion and understanding. Also learn to use other tools of bodily and mental awareness as a focus in meditation other than the breath. Touch on certain aspects of mindfulness and mindful awareness.

THURSDAY 3:30 – “Free-Day” Meditation with Silas (suggested $10)
Free Day! A variety of meditations ranging from the styles of Vedanta, Kundalini, Chakra, Zen, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Taoist, and others! Generally something different every week. A short discussion will be held before hand and a question period afterward. (suggested donation $10)

FRIDAY 10:00a – Mind, Body, Spirit Connection Talk with Shanna (suggested $5)
Open discussion about ancient yoga techniques, modern metaphysical science, and proven mind/body methods to reconnect the brain and body. 

FRIDAY 11:00a – Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Shanna (suggested $5-$15)
An intermediate creative flow tuning into the breath and out of the chattering mind. Our focus is on balance, flexibility, and acceptance of where we are. Fluid movement and challenging postures promote deep and even breathing to strengthen the nervous system and increase circulation to the organs. Binaural soundscapes open the mind to the vibration of universal consciousness. Guided meditation begin and end each class. 

SATURDAY 9:30a – Zen Meditation with Silas (suggested $10)
A Zen style practice where we hone our focus into whatever we are dealing with that week/day/hour/minute and learn how not to let those things overwhelm or jump up on us. A short talk beforehand will help walk you down into that state of conscious awareness.

SUNDAY 9:30a – Theravada Meditation with Silas (suggested $10)
A Theravada style practice where you learn to perform a scanning of the body, touching back into the mind/heart centers, ground yourself into the breath, lean into compassion, and play with Prana or bodily energy.


If you answer yes, please note where (ex: The Old Spartan).
Ex: Week of March 5th - 11th