Art Gallery

Meet the newest addition to the family, our new gallery space in a trailer! The Art Gallery lives in a 1960’s Aloha made in Aloha, Oregon! It was rescued from a neglected RV park in the northern part of the Long Beach Peninsula. After lots of TLC, it has transformed into a bright and beautiful open space to reflect a traditional gallery. It is now part of our Artist Residency Program and the new non-profit organization, Sou’wester Arts.

Our first exhibit, Pop Up Trailer Show, opened on August 11th and features original work from participants of our Artist Residency Program. Artists include: John Frentress, Nicky Kriara, Nicole J Georges, Shelley Short, Joe Chasse, Jane E Herrold, Carol Aust, Bradley Delay, J Junkins, Patrick Carrico, Aaron Tate, Erin Engstrom, as well as additional anonymous artists.

Art pictured above by Nicky Kriara


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