Kit & Video Tutorial: Crayon Rubbing with Julia Barbee

Recycled crayons and paper provided for making rubbings, filmed here at The Sou’wester and surrounding area.


The constraints of her autobiographical journey inform artist Julia Barbee’s subjects and material choices.  She has worked in wearables, performance, perfume, film, food, sculpture, social media, photography, and writing. She co-founded and curated a five-year running art event called Spaceness, which was awarded grant funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. She has an MFA in fiber, and has been working in Portland, Oregon for almost two decades where she lives with her husband and two children.

crayons, paper (paper in the package is recycled except for black construction sheets – crayons are also recycled from many kids’ collections), link to a 1.5-minute tutorial video

textured things and/or surfaces

This project is geared for all ages.  All skill levels welcome.

The video tutorial is 1.5 minutes in length. The project only takes a few minutes to prep and complete yet may also be expanded into a longer session.

Please purchase the kit in our Sou’wester Online Market  and select “pickup”. The front desk staff will get your kit ready for you and place it in the market pickup area at the front desk just inside the door. You will get an email when your kit is ready for pickup, usually in 30 minutes or less. This email will include the link to the online video tutorial.

Kits are currently available for pick-up only. All items in the purchased kit are yours to use and take home with you.