Sou’wester Arts & Ecology
Workshops 2022

Saturday Workshops

Adults and Families are invited to learn a new craft or trade with Sou’wester Artist-In-Residence Instructors

Saturdays (time varies)
Youth under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Workshop cost varies


Sou’wester Arts Specialty Camp at the Dylan Jude Harrell Community Center

Campers will spend mornings exploring in the field and afternoons learning with visiting Teaching Artists in a hands-on art workshop.

M-F 9-4PM
July 11-August 26
Youth 3rd-8th grade

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Scholarships and transportation available!

Youth After-school Program

More information about our Artist-led After-school Program coming soon!

Saturday Workshops

Register for all THREE Analog Film Workshops with Stephanie Hough for $150!

September 17th – Blue Mood: Cyanotype on 16mm Film with Stephanie Hough

Students will use transparent objects to create moving image cyanotypes without the use of traditional filmmaking equipment. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how to clear coat 16mm film with cyanotype solution, compose creative film sequences with pre-coated stock, properly expose in the sun, and develop and tone images using household chemicals. At the end of the workshop, we will splice and project our sequences. Participants are encouraged to bring translucent fabrics, objects, 16mm negatives, transparencies and other materials to enhance their creative journey. Workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $70.


September 24th – Analog Film Textures in Super 8 and 16mm Film with Stephanie Hough

Learn to shoot in the classic, home movie, analog format and become part of a community of Super8mm and 16mm enthusiasts. Explore the “bucket method” of hand processing your film, and how to care for your negatives. Workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $70.


October 1st – Caffenol & Eco Motion Picture Film Processing with Stephanie Hough

In the last workshop in Stephanie Hough’s film workshop series, students will learn to develop your Super 8 or 16mm film using at-home, plant-based eco brews. Registration for previous classes is recommended but not at all required! Workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $70.


October 8th – Working w/ Natural Materials: A Small Basket In Bark and Leaf with Rose Covert

In this workshop we will use plaiting and twining to create a small basket. We will be weaving with hand harvested and natural materials, including cedar bark, cherry bark, sea grass and iris leaf. We will be creating unique shapes and designs using these 2 techniques. This workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $80.


October 22nd – Sculptural Painting with Ondrea Levey

Create 3D textured paintings using acrylic paint, joint compound, and cardboard. This is a media and process focused workshop where students explore how to create textural paintings using easily found and scavenged materials. This workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $60.


October 29 – Intro to Transmission Arts: Build Your Own DIY Open Wave Radio! With Ryan Stively

Learn how to build your own DIY radio receiver using found materials, fools gold, and galena. Experience the happenstance beauty of the airwaves and explore the possibilities of what a radio can be. Workshop is 3-6PM and cost is $85.


November 5th – Printmaking With or Without a Press with Jane Pagliarulo 

In this workshop we’ll explore elemental printmaking techniques, creating multiples or one-of-a-kind prints with a rolling pin or tiny press. Monotypes are a painterly print, using Akua Non-toxic soy and honey based inks with brushes, brayers, stencils and templates, ferns, feathers or leaves. We’ll do Trace monotypes, Foil printing and Collograph to create fantastic textured surfaces. We’ll also explore Gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish printing, using rubber fish to transfer ink onto paper or fabric. Other elements addressed will be chine Colle’, making a stamp, relief printing, printing on fabric, everyday items you can use for art, Scratch Foam printing, Stamping with Easycut, Tape design plates and more! Workshop is 10AM-2PM and cost is $90.


November 12th – Embroidered Botany with Chloe Jacobson

In this workshop students will learn basic embroidery techniques (5 basic stitches) through stitching your favorite  plant, vegetable, or herb using recycled materials and/or through altering a piece of clothing: hats, jackets, patches, or bags (Please bring your own piece of clothing to alter). Participants will be guided through a process of choosing a plant you identify with, learning about its properties, then experimenting with multimedia techniques to create a piece of hangable or wearable art. Workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $60.


November 19th – Build A Bath Bomb With Hannon

In this workshop students will be guided in making bath bombs from everyday household items and found materials from the surrounding natural landscape of the Sou’Wester. Using optional scents and/or herbs, students will create a personalized set of bath bombs filled with unique intentions and return home with a set of hand made bath bombs. Workshop is 3-6PM and cost is $77.


Summer Camp Schedule

Sign for the entire camp week M-F 9-4PM, or just the hands-on art workshops in the afternoons on T, W, Th from 1-4PM. To sign up for afternoon art workshops only please email to make arrangements.

July 12-14 Clay Creatures and Miniature Things with Kaitlyn Nelson
Students will use clay and underglaze to develop hand-building skills and make small clay objects such as coil pots, tiles, and animal figurines.

July 19-21 Mixed Media Tapestries with Kaitlyn Nelson
Students will create mixed-media wall hangings utilizing canvas, paint, thread and yarn to push the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

July 26-28 Drawing Club with Heather McLaughlin
In this workshop students will use a variety of drawing implements to create imagery while exploring elements of design, such as: value, texture, pattern, rhythm, composition, line, realism, abstraction, and fractals!

August 2-4 Painting the Natural World with Jess Graff
Students of this creative workshop will explore nature themes using a variety of drawing and painting materials. Techniques for using pencil, pen, ink, watercolor medias, and more will be covered in this program.

August 9-11 Animation with Cynthia Star
In this workshop students will work with simple apps to make unique stop motion animations using everyday objects like LEGO’s, clay, and more! On our last day we will end with an animation festival of our creations. Instructor Cynthia Star has fabricated for Laika Movies Coraline, ParaNorman and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.

August 16-18 Story Collages with Jess Graff
Explore creativity and personal stories through collage! Students of this hands-on workshop, will draw, paint, cut, and paste their way to layered  finished projects that showcase their own imagination and unique perspectives. 

August 23-25 Mythical Creatures with Heather McLaughlin
Students will use paper mache to sculpt Mythical Creatures by expanding on their current animal knowledge and imagination. Students will also make a painting that depicts their creatures’ habitat and behavior.