Sou’wester Arts & Ecology
Workshops 2022

Youth After-school Program

Led by local multimedia artist, Laura Brown, students will use various artistic mediums to explore aspects of local ecology

T, W, Th 4-6PM
April 12-June 9th
Youth ages 7 and up
Scholarships available


Saturday Workshops

Adults and Families are invited to learn a new craft or trade with Sou’wester Artist-In-Residence Instructors

Saturdays (time varies)
Youth under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Workshop cost varies


Arts for All Summer Camp

Each week, join Sou’wester Artist-in-Residence for a hands-on arts workshop. The morning will be spent with our Arts Educator on field trips related to that week’s art workshop. (If you are interested in accommodations for part-time attendance, please contact

July 12th – August 25th
Youth 3rd-8th grade

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Scholarships and transportation available

After-school Program Schedule

April 12-14 Assemblage
Students will create collages using 2D and 3D inside a shallow box. Also called ‘Shadow Boxes’.

April 19-21 Buoy Painting Project
This week Laura will be leading a workshop on buoy painting. The buoys will be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser for Peace of Mind Pacific County’s Art for a Healthy Mind program.

April 26-28 Photography
Students will learn about the observation and perspective when taking photographs in nature.

May 3-5 Video
Students will work collaboratively to make a short video piece.

May 10-12 Animation
Students will be working collaboratively to make a short animation piece.

May 17-19 Drawing and Painting Nature
Students will create a series of drawings and watercolor works based on the woods and beach near Sou’Wester.

May 24-26 Book Making
Using their drawings and watercolors, students will make books while learning five types of bookmaking methods.

May 31-June 2 Cyanotypes
Students will create flags on fabric using the cyanotype process and embroidery techniques.

June 7-9 Architectural Sculpture
Using found and gathered wood, students will make temporary outdoor sculptures that reference architecture.


Saturday Workshops

May 21st – Creative Letter Writing for Connection: A Wellness Workshop with Holly Roland

This workshop invites you to experience the healing potential of expressive writing through the timeless art of letter composition. Holly Roland, LMHC, poet and therapist, will discuss the wellness benefits of writing letters, providing thoughtful prompts and facilitated sharing. This gathering will allow for personal reflection, creative expression (stationary and art supplies will be provided), and is an opportunity to better connect to yourself and others by harnessing the power of ink on paper. This workshop is 3-6PM and cost is $60.


October 8th – Working w/ Natural Materials: A Small Basket In Bark and Leaf with Rose Covert

In this workshop we will use plaiting and twining to create a small basket. We will be weaving with hand harvested and natural materials, including cedar bark, cherry bark, sea grass and iris leaf. We will be creating unique shapes and designs using these 2 techniques. This workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $80.


October 22nd – Sculptural Painting with Ondrea Levey

Create 3D textured paintings using acrylic paint, joint compound, and cardboard. This is a media and process focused workshop where students explore how to create textural paintings using easily found and scavenged materials. This workshop is 10-2PM and cost is $60.


Summer Camp Schedule

Youth can sign up for the entire camp week M-F 9-4PM, or just the Sou’wester Arts Artist-led Workshops in the afternoons on T, W, Th from 1-4PM. If students would like to only sign up for artist-led workshops, they can email to make arrangements. Please visit for more information.

July 12-14 Clay Creatures and Miniature Things with Kaitlyn Nelson
Students will use clay and underglaze to develop hand-building skills and make small clay objects such as coil pots, tiles, and animal figurines.

July 19-21 Mixed Media Tapestries with Kaitlyn Nelson
Students will create mixed-media wall hangings utilizing canvas, paint, thread and yarn to push the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

July 26-28 Drawing Club with Heather McLaughlin
In this workshop students will use a variety of drawing implements to create imagery while exploring elements of design, such as: value, texture, pattern, rhythm, composition, line, realism, abstraction, and fractals!

August 2-4 Painting the Natural World with Jess Graff
Students of this creative workshop will explore nature themes using a variety of drawing and painting materials. Techniques for using pencil, pen, ink, watercolor medias, and more will be covered in this program.

August 9-11 Animation with Cynthia Star
In this workshop students will work with simple apps to make unique stop motion animations using everyday objects like LEGO’s, clay, and more! On our last day we will end with an animation festival of our creations. Instructor Cynthia Star has fabricated for Laika Movies Coraline, ParaNorman and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.

August 16-18 Story Collages with Jess Graff
Explore creativity and personal stories through collage! Students of this hands-on workshop, will draw, paint, cut, and paste their way to layered  finished projects that showcase their own imagination and unique perspectives. 

August 23-25 Mythical Creatures with Heather McLaughlin
Students will use paper mache to sculpt Mythical Creatures by expanding on their current animal knowledge and imagination. Students will also make a painting that depicts their creatures’ habitat and behavior.