ARTS WEEK 2023 Artist Application
Who are you? What are you interested in as an artist?
Please list above all social media pages/accounts that we can use to promote you as an artist during the studio tour weekend, separated by commas.

Racial and Economic Justice

Funds will be distributed equally among all interested artists. Please only check yes if fees present a hardship as the fund amount is the same regardless of applicants - so the more applicants the less each one can receive.


Arts Week is a two part event.

Sunday-Thursday artists create, interact and enjoy an arts residency at the beach.

On Friday evening and all day Saturday we open to the public as a grand exhibition to share everyone's art.

Please provide a concise 2-5 sentence description of your project.
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Include any notes about the image samples/files you are submitting.
If applying as an artist collective the person named above is the designated point person for the group. This person is responsible for providing all information and communicating all details within your collective.


Include in this description who is included in your "household" or "pod" and who is not so we can best plan combined or separate accommodations.
Use this field if you have a specific place you'd like to request (ex: The Old Spartan).
There is a $20 cleaning fee for dogs. Please bring blankets to cover beds and furniture. Dogs are not allowed in the Lodge.
Preference will be given to artists who commit to the entire duration of this event.

Residency rates for arts week are $200 for 7 nights regardless of length of stay.

Please plan to bring all items needed to display your work for the studio tour, pricetags, easels, promotional material, etc
If your work includes a performance or other "out of the studio" event/happening for you or your collective, please list details above and include which space/s you might have in mind.
Please let us know above if there is any additional information that you feel we need to know.
Our current Covid-19 policy for Arts Week 2023:

Arts Week participants will not be required to show proof of vaccination or booster updates. Please consider taking an at-home Covid test 2 days before traveling to the Sou’wester. If anyone tests positive please notify us and stay home.

We also ask that all Arts Week participants test themselves first thing upon arrival before check-in at The Sou’wester. Please bring your own Covid test-kits; we will have a few test-kits available to those in need.
Wearing a face covering will be left to each person’s personal situation and preference. This will apply to Arts Week participants, the public and Sou’wester Staff.
We will update or change these guidelines as needed and communicate any changes.

During The Week

We'd love to provide opportunities for some safe connections during the week. If you're moved or inspired to facilitate something of this nature, let us know. It can be a crit, a collaboration, a guided activity or anything else. You don't have to decide now. There will be more opportunities to sign up. We're setting the tone and planting a seed.
We are wanting to incorporate our youth program more intentionally this year. We are only using this information to gauge interest, you are not committing to anything at this stage.


We will open to the public Friday evening and all day Saturday with scheduled performances, studio tours and exhibits.
For a description of some of these spaces on our website go to and center.


Arts Week is 3/12/23-3/19/23

Applications may be submitted until January 5th, 2023.

Artists will be notified by Jan. 24th.

If you are selected you can expect an agreement by that time which we will want back by February 5th along with a bio and pics for promotional purposes (details will accompany acceptance letter).

Please consider these dates as you make your application.