The Champion: Analog Recording Studio on Wheels

This gem is a new addition to our Artist-In-Residence Program


The Champion is a 1968 Ford motor home converted to an analog recording studio by Curly Cassettes. Rent it nightly or weekly through our Artist Residency Program. Call to book (360) 642-2542. 

Here’s the deal with equipment:

  • Basic microphones (SM-57/SM-58) and cables.
  • Two built in guitar amplifiers (can be mic’d or use direct out) as well as a
  • Vintage Califone Record Player/ Tube Amp
  • Short scale (64 key) Marco Polo acoustic piano!
  • Milk crate full of percussion
  • 2 Track Stereo Cassette Recorder – Cassettes available in Sou’ Store
  • Stereo 1/4″ Reel-To-Reel Recorder (Akai GX-215D) Reels available in Sou’ Store
  • Residents are encouraged to bring their own microphones, instruments and
  • recording devices/ laptops

Leave an Audio Artifact at the main desk and you will be included in the annual Champion mix tape series!