Green Woodworking Basics: A 2-day Woodcarving Immersion with instructor Emilie Rigby

Mon, March 30 @ 11:00 am – Tue, March 31 @ 4:00 pm
$100 plus a $20 material fee (Please pay material fee directly to the instructor)

Workshop Series Winter 2020

Green Woodworking Basics: A 2-day Woodcarving Immersion with instructor Emilie Rigby

11am-4pm class each day: Mon, Tues March 30, 31Green Woodworking (noun): the process of carving and shaping wood before it has cured. Greenwood is easy to carve and offers a wide range of possibilities that cured wood does not.

Green woodworking is an immensely satisfying and inexpensive hobby. This two days workshop will teach you how to get started in this popular craft. The class blends demo time and work time in order to maximize learning. We take regular breaks for snacks and show-and-tell. You’ll leave the class with a head full of knowledge and a unique wooden spoon. All materials and tools are included with the material fee, with the option to purchase tools to take home at the end of class.


Day 1: Carving basics. Students will learn the basics of the green woodworking process: from log to finished product, while learning how to safely use a saw, hook knife and straight knife. We will start projects including butter knives and wooden cooking spoons.

Day 2: Hatchet skills and finishing projects. Students will get as much time as they need to perfect their butter knives and cooking spoons, with a chance to decorate and personalize them with woodburning tools and details knives. We will also cover important topics such as where to source tools and wood. Students will learn how to safely use a hatchet to split wood and will have a chance to practice.


Emilie Rigby has been carving green wood and making spoons for 8 years. She has traveled across the country teaching woodworking and outdoor skills. She landed in Portland, OR in 2017 where she ran a teaching wood shop for a prominent outdoor skills company. With 6 years of teaching experience, she has taught people aged 8 to 80 how to carve spoons. She is a self-professed “crazy spoon lady” because she has made thousands of wooden spoons. Her classes are full of useful tips and tricks, metaphors for life, and terrible (amazing) puns.
Woodworking by Emilie Rigby


COST: $100 plus $20 materials fee (Please pay material fee directly to instructor)

BRING: notebook and writing utensil, water bottle and snacks, work gloves (optional), whatever tools that you have that you want to talk about (optional). Please bring a sack lunch. Coffee provided.

This class is for students age 14 and up. 16 students max.

RSVP via or 360-642-2542 between 9am-9pm



The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Winter 2020 Workshop Series at The Sou’wester. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome. Visit to see the full schedule of artist-led workshops.

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