Awaken the Journey to Wholeness

Clinical hypnotherapy & alternative healing sessions with Mali of Holy Mountain Healing are available Fridays, by appointment in The Sou’wester Lodge Wellness Trailer.

Find your inner knowing. When we have the inner resources and guidance to live in alignment with our highest intentions, we begin to interact with the world from a new perspective, reclaiming our own inner wisdom and potential. Whatever may be your present circumstance, there is always a space for growth towards wholeness.

In our healing session, we will explore hypnosis, sound therapy, and shamanic ceremony to clear blockages and call in empowering intentions as you move on your pathway forward. Whatever may be your current circumstance, there is always room for growth towards wholeness. Learn more.

“Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptivity to an idea or a set of ideas.” – Milton Erickson

“Shamanism is not so much a religion, as ordinarily conceived, as it is a pre-rational science; a  kind of methodology for attaining a certain kind of experience. Shamanism is a call to authenticity ” – Terrence McKenna

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