Sou’wester Arts 501c3

Outdoor Mural Project:

Request for Proposals

Identity Update of “The African Queen” Vintage Travel Trailer

1.   Statement of Purpose

The purpose is to update the identity of “The African Queen” Vintage Travel Trailer at the Sou’wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort. Our intention is for the Sou’wester to be a community of not only creativity but inclusivity.

Contact: Sou’wester Arts

Proposals Due: Aug 31st, 2020


2. Background Information

Organization Background

The Sou’wester is a historic lodge and vintage travel trailer resort in Seaview, Washington on the Long Beach Peninsula. Sou’wester Arts are our non-profit devoted to creative pursuits. Our mission is to be of service to the artist community at large by providing residencies, workshops, and weekly music events. Our core value is to provide a space for creatives to restore and renew, create, and connect with others in order to experience the transformation that is safe for all.

Project Background

We are seeking to update the identity of “The African Queen” Vintage Travel Trailer. This is one of our 19 vintage travel trailers in which guests rent for the night or week throughout the entirety of the year. This trailer is our largest, a 1957 double-decker trailer with a full-sized bed, loft sleeping area, and sunken first-floor bedroom with 2 single beds. It sleeps 6 people and at times is used for hosting artist collectives for residencies. We inherited this trailer from previous owners with a mural depicting the movie of the same name and have outfitted it with a collection of recycled art purchased directly from African Artists. We are seeking a BIPOC artist to reinterpret/reimagine the identity of this trailer with an updated mural.  

3. Scope of Work

  • Mural Design
  • Mural Painting (mural on the outside of a vintage travel trailer)
    • Trailer measurements: 50’ long and 20’ high
    • Mural measurements: 30’ x 10’ on one side, the north face of the trailer

4. Roles and Responsibilities

Mural Design: Artist

Mural Painting: Artist

Materials: Artist purchases. 

Sou’wester will pay for supplies. Ideally, the Artist would purchase paint/supplies and we would reimburse the artist, but we can coordinate direct payments as well. Sou’wester Staff/Maintenance will prep the trailer/mural. 

5. Project Timeline

Site Visit: Free weekday stay if the artist requests a site visit.

Design Proposal: Due Aug 31st, 2020

Design Selection: September 5th, 2020

Mural Prep: September

Mural Complete: October 30, 2020. (Weather Dependant)

Payment/Compensation: 50% of payment given to the artist at the time of their arrival, 50% at date of completion.

There is the potential for a final reveal an art opening reception for the artist as well. 

6. Evaluation and Award Process

 Selection made by the committee based on portfolio review and proposal.


7. Submission Requirements

Proposal Format:

Please email to the following:

  • 500-word proposal
  • Sketch of the proposed mural
  • 3-5 images of past similar work
  • Website or links to related past projects
  • Budget – include a monetary budget including 
    • An estimate of material cost.  (up to $500)
    • An estimate of how long it will take to paint the mural. (We will host you while you paint the mural and would like to schedule work to be done during the week. Include in your estimation set-up and break-down times in applicable). 
  • List of 3 references
  • Optional social media links


8. Understanding of Project Requirements and Approach


Please list specific examples of similar projects that you have worked on.


  • $1500 for design and execution of project. 
    • Surface will be prepped and primed for you. We will build an awning if necessary.
  • We will also award the artist a sponsored residency, a Sunday to Friday stay, to be scheduled between September 15th, 2020 to June 15th 2020. 
  • We will provide free (during the week) accommodation for you while you work on the project. 


  • Contact Name, Position
  • Organization
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Description of the professional relationship with the reference and duration of the relationship