Sou’wester Arts is providing support to underrepresented voices by providing 2 individuals per month sponsorship of an artist or wellness residency at the Sou’wester. 

Applications accepted from BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or artists/people working on social activism, equality, or identify as underrepresented.

The selection committee of Sou’wester Arts staff and board will review applications quarterly (awarding 6 residencies) based on portfolio review and proposal. 

The Artist Residency Program is for people wishing to devote themselves to their creative pursuits. The Wellness Residency is a self-guided stay with the intention of providing guests with “transformational travel” – where folks leave feeling renewed, restored, and with a deeper connection to self and/or community. Both are available year-round and generally run from Sunday at 4:00p to Friday at 11:00a. 

Sponsored Residencies are free.

Who are you? What are you interested in? How do you see yourself as a candidate for sponsorship?
Concise expository description of your project (2-5 sentences).
Use this field if you have a specific place you'd like to request (ex: The Old Spartan).
Please note, residencies are Sunday (4:00p check-in) to Friday (11:00a check-out).

After participating in our Artist Residency Program, we respectfully ask that you acknowledge the Sou’wester Artist Residency Program in the final product of the work created during your stay and take time fill out an EXIT INTERVIEW.

You will also be added to our Artist Residency Archive, a beautifully curated gallery of the works and bios of our residents. Please note, this is a work in progress and has not yet launched. 

Please feel free to leave a token behind! Often times the Sou’wester will display these small works/donations to add charm and eccentricity to our spaces. You are also welcome to produce a mutually agreed upon product that you could sell in our small Honor System Store. 

The Champion Analog Recording Studio Policies:

Sign Waiver upon check-in. You break it, you pay for it.
No drinks on the piano.
No shoes inside (get cozy).
No loud music after midnight.
Always lock the door behind you.
Please credit “Sou’Wester Artist Residency/Curly Cassettes/The Champion Mobile Unit” if you release any of these recordings.
Leave an Audio artifact with us at the main desk and you will be included in the annual Champion mix tape series.
Have FUN & enjoy your stay!