PRESS RELASE: The Sou’Wester Lodge Welcomes New Air Float Trailer for Rent

aFKdaHuGZUSugTayzKThe Sou’Wester Lodge Welcomes New Air Float Trailer for Rent

The Sou’Wester is preparing to add a new vintage travel trailer to the fleet of rentable trailers at the historic lodge, it will be the first Airfloat Land Yacht to grace their diverse collection.

The Airfloat’s were manufactured starting in 1930 in Los Angeles, they are iconic symbols of freedom on the American Road, with it’s sliver body and porthole windows. The Airfloat was the inspiration for the book “The Long, Long Trailer” by Clinton “Buddy” Twiss, which became a movie in 1954 starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnes.

The Sou’Wester Lodge on the Long Beach Peninsula has been offering the unique opportunity to stay in one of their fleet of vintage Spartans, Airstreams, and others for around 30 years. All of the trailers, along with their rustic lodge and cabins offer guests a one of a kind experience at the beach.

The Airfloat Land Yacht arrives on Wednesday, June 12th and will be ready for reservations almost immediately, it is in mint condition and offers a comfy king size bed for visitors to relive those early days of road tripping.

For more information contact:
The Sou’Wester Lodge
38th & J Place on the Seaview Beach approach
Seaview, Washington