Weekly Wellness Offerings

Attention: New schedule effective January 2018

These are mini-classes (30-60 mins) offered at the same time/day each week. They are donation-based & open to the public. Join us! Please RSVP.


Monday 10:00a Juice & Smoothie Bar from Roots
Tuesday 10:00a – Tea Talk with Brooke Shepard
Wednesday 3:30p – Guided Meditation with Mamook Wellness
Thursday 3:30 – Soundbath with Mamook Wellness
Friday 10:30a – Mindfulness Talk with Shanna Gillette (effective Jan. 2018)
Friday 11:00a – Yoga Shanna Gillette followed by Group Sauna (effective Jan. 2018)
Saturday 9:00a – Guided Meditation with Mamook Wellness
Saturday 10:00a – Soundbath with Mamook Wellness

To sign-up email souwesterwellness@gmail.com w/ class title, date, and time or call 360-642-2542. Please note, we need a minimum of 3 sign-ups per class to run.