Wellness Residency Program


We’re excited to announce  the launch of our Wellness Residency Program because we believe self-care is the benchmark for creating joy and balance in our daily lives. Our mission is to offer the opportunity for “transformational travel” – where guests leave feeling renewed, restored and with a deeper connection to self and/or community.  We do this by proving accommodations at a reduced weekly rate of $250 (Sunday-Friday) with the following amenities:

  • Full access to our Weekly Community Wellness Offerings (schedule below) as you see fit
  • Use of our Garden Spa and Finish Sauna
  • Scheduled studio time in our Wellness Trailer
  • Discounted rates with Mamook Wellness for on-site therapeutic massage and body work
  • Complimentary bikes for cruising the Discovery Trail
  • Endless walks on the beach
To book your self-guided Wellness Residency and for any other information, email souwesterwellness@gmail.com.


Weekly Community Wellness Offerings: Starting OCT 1st


NOTE: All participants must RSVP via email souwesterwellness@gmail.com or by phone (360)642-2542. We need a minimum of 3 sign-ups to run each class. 

Monday 10:00a Juice & Smoothie Bar from Roots
Tuesday 10:00a – Tea Talk with Brooke Shepard
Wednesday 3:30p – Guided Meditation with Mamook Wellness
Thursday 3:30 – Soundbath with Mamook Wellness
Thursday 7:45p – Yoga Shanna Gillette followed by Group Sauna
Friday 10:00a – Mindfulness Talk with Shanna Gillette
Saturday 9:00a – Guided Meditation with Mamook Wellness
Saturday 10:00a – Soundbath with Mamook Wellness