Arts Week 2023 Program

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Final Program: Performances, open studios, and installations to be seen March 17th & 18th!

Sou’Wester Arts Week 2020 Recap

2020 Installations & Exhibits


  • Julia Barbee Three Generational Experiment
  • Kathleen Coulton Weaving and Fibers Installation
  • Sam Farrell, Sara Paradis, Adam Zeek Curly Wurly’s Esoteric Furniture and Lounge
  • Kathryn MacCrate and Heather McLaughlin Sculptural Collaboration


  • Zack Fealk Sonic Atmosphere
  • Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray Collaborative Ceramic and Sound Installation
  • Sam Montaña “Water and Wood”: Sculpture and Photography


  • Katharine Spilker Soft Sculpture Installation
  • Karen Tillou Fiber  Installation
  • Lucia Volker Painting and Paper Installation

Surrounding Grounds:

  • Krysta Sa Sauna Installation 
  • Samuel Wildman and Eric John Olson Participatory Collaborative Installation


Open Studios 

Sat March 14 12:00p-5:00p

(Performance Break 2:00p – 3:00p)


  • Wyly Astley Pacific Northwest Monsters: A Brief History
  • William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Catharsis Karaoke
  • Brianna Spencer Movie Menu Project
  • Heather Treadway Garment Design, Sewing and Tap Dance


  • Julia Barbee Three Generational Experiment
  • Kathleen Coulton Weaving, Natural Dyes and Fiber
  • Sam Farrell, Sara Paradis, Adam Zeek Curly Wurly’s Esoteric Furniture and Lounge


  • Zack Fealk Modular Synthesis Musician
  • Elizabeth Haidle Illustrated Tarot Deck: Tarot For All
  • Shaun Kardinal Embroidered Paper Collage
  • Joshua Karp and Stephanie Kesey KeseKarp: Songwriting/Filmmaking Collaboration
  • Michelle Kline Uncomfortable Club: Creative One-On-One Coaching
  • Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray Collaborative Ceramic and Sound
  • Zoe Minikes Flower Press: Zines, Herbalism, and Winter is Fun-Club
  • Anis Mojgani Poetry and Illustration
  • Sophia Munic Multimedia Fiber Artist
  • Sam Montaña Sculpture and Photography
  • Julie Perini and John Frentress Harry & Harry Productions: 16mm Handmade Film Workshop
  • Hilary Pfeifer Mixed Media Collage
  • Ivy Ross Ricci Documentarian: Sou’wester Stories


  • Bryna Shields Mixed Media Illustration and Interactive Community Collage
  • Katharine Spilker Soft Sculpture Installation
  • Karen Tillou Fiber Installation and Indigo Dyeing Demonstration
  • Lucia Volker Painting and Paper Installation

Performances & Screenings


  • 5:00p Heather Treadway Tap Dance Percussion and Experimental Improv Collaboration 
  • 6:30p William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Comfort Objects
  • 8:00p Lindsay Clark  Singer/Songwriter


  • 2:00p William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Catharsis Karaoke
  • 5:00p Zoe Minikes Workshop “SAY YES TO THE YES”:  use of aphrodisiacs to support personal practice
  • 6:00p Erica Trabold and Kristina Tate Collaborative Vocal Performance: Art In Conversation
  • 7:00p Julie Perini & John Frentress Collaborative Experimental Film “Scamper in the Camper”: Harry & Harry Productions
  • 7:30p Anis Mojgani Poetry Reading
  • 8:00p Chris Miller Green Hills Alone: Music


Sip a ‘Sou’wester’ – The March ‘Cocktail For a Cause’ at the [Pickled Fish]

Enjoy a ‘Leadbetter Red’ at the North Jetty where $1 from each pint supports ARTS WEEK.

also The Shelburne Hotel

WELLNESS RETREAT with Rachel Maroudas

Our next Wellness Retreat welcomes Rachel Maroudas of Essence of the Mother, a devoted teacher of self-love mastery and sacred ceremonialist, for 5 nights of soul-care and radical ritual from October 29th through November 3rd.

 “To be embodied is to live centered from within one’s self. It is creating a loving relationship of sacred respect and self-care that allows all parts of you to be held in the light of your truest source of love.” – Essence of the Mother


This autumnal, witchy retreat will guide us to embody the art of living life as your own radical ritual. Within the 5 days and nights of healing arts, we will journey through daily practices of energetic-magic, ritual and soul nourishment. Retreat also includes:

  • Daily Ritual Ceremony
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Mystic Medicine Work
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Daily Sauna
  • Oceanic Communion
  • Living and growing Floral Mandala
  • Self-care downtime



SUNDAY, Oct 29th:
3pm: Check-in
5pm: Intro in the Lodge
6pm: You are the Centerpiece Welcoming Ritual

MONDAY, Oct 30th:
10am: Juice Bar in the Lodge
Kundalini Morning Rising Ritual (time TBD)

TUESDAY, Oct 31st:
10am: Herbal Tea + Talk in the Lodge
Hollow’s Eve Wild Night Ritual (timeTBD)

Soft Light Temple Ritual (time TBD)
3:30pm: Meditation w/Mamook Wellness in the Wellness Trailer

THURSDAY, Nov 2nd:
The Great Embodiment Ritual (time TBD)
3:30pm: Sound Bath w/Mamook Wellness in the Wellness Trailer
7:45pm: Yoga w/Shanna Gillette in the Pavilion
8:30pm: Group Sauna

FRIDAY, Nov 3rd:
Morning Dew Drops Ritual

Noon: Check-out

*It is possible that the schedule could shift slightly as the event draws nearer*

Offerings provided by Sou’wester lodge include:

  • Full access to our Weekly Community Wellness Offerings
  • Use of our Garden Spa and Finish Sauna
  • Discounted rates with Mamook Wellness for on-site therapeutic massage and body work
  • Complimentary bikes for cruising the Discovery Trail
  • Endless walks on the beach

*** Retreat fee is $175 per person. Lodging fee is $250 for five nights and rooms can be shared, so bring a friend or two!

To register email

More about Rachel:

As a life coach, profound healer, intuitive counselor and workshop facilitator, Rachel is here to assist others along the path of living fully connected as the greatest version of their “Radiant Self”. 

Through her abilities to be a channel of Divine information, she helps one to heal and revel into their own unique gifts and embrace the art of living life from the foundation of pleasure and purpose.

The times are calling out for you to embody your existence here on Earth as the greatest love story ever to be told. Rachel believes that within every individual is endless potential, a great source of medicine and mystery reminding us that we are a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece — here to be forever cherished. 

Rachel is seen as a Floral Alchemist and Medicine Woman offering the healing languages of plant spirit medicine through flower essence therapy. She works closely with the flora on a regular basis, while out crafting flower essences within wild landscapes, making floral mandalas and creating her one-of-a-kind floral installation pieces for sacred gatherings, collaborations, events, photo shoots and home altar spaces. She is here raising awareness for the therapeutics that lie within Nature’s gifts of flowers.

“It is my greatest passion to celebrate YOU and your birthright to thrive and come alive in an empowered life of emotional freedom, radical joy and revolutionary love.” – Rachel Maroudas


British Art Publication to be released soon.


The Quarterly, Issues 3, Tribes to be released soon.

Tribes are something we’re all a part of whether we choose to recognise them or not. From your family to your friends, to those you work alongside or interact with directly or indirectly on a daily basis. Issue Three of The Quarterly is a celebration of the ties and connections which bind people together.

Issue three of The Quarterly tells the stories of those groups of people, brought together by love or circumstances, showing the contrasts in the lives of others that surround us all on a daily basis.

Thanks for Jill Mason & Phil Chester of HART for coming out.

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Thanks to HART for coming out.

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