2023 Art Exhibit: “What Else is Here?”

“What Else is Here?” Art Trailer Gallery Installation by Lindsay Costello and Erika Callihan

Opening Reception is Friday, April 14.


What Else is Here?” will be the culminating body of site-responsive work created by artist-friends Lindsay Costello and Erika Callihan during a week-long residency at the Sou’Wester. They’re thinking about rest, play, trust, the writing of Annie Dillard, and nature as a resource in healing C-PTSD. The exhibition will include a textile piece, soundscapes, paintings, and process drawings, plus a separate activation of the film trailer with Lindsay’s diaristic 8mm nature films. Visitors will be invited to engage with the exhibition and the surrounding landscape through various creative and somatic prompts. 

Lindsay Costello is an experimental writer and artist with an academic background in textiles and book arts at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She is currently studying herbalism at the Elderberry School. Her writing can be read in Hyperallergic, Art Papers, Art & About, Oregon Artswatch, and Textile: Cloth and Culture, among other places. She is interested in how storytelling and the natural world intersect in the processing of traumatic experiences. Her creative practices are interwoven, informed by birdwatching, walks, and the wetlands near her apartment.

Erika Callihan is a multimedia artist and creative counselor whose work is rooted in everyday writing and drawing practices.  Her work explores themes such as embodiment, care, ecology, grief, dreams and her dog. She holds a bachelor of science in art practices from Portland State University and has completed a two-year therapy training program at Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches.