The Champion: Analog Recording Studio

The Champion is a 1968 Ford motor home converted to an analog recording studio by Samuel Farrell of Curly Cassettes.

It is rentable nightly or weekly as part of the Artist Residency Program. This trailer accommodates 2 people max, either sleeping on the twin-sized bed with a 4-inch foam pad or converting the seating area into a full-sized bed with couch cushions. Guests have access to the Outdoor Kitchen and private/public shower and bathroom in the nearby Pavilion. 

The gear is rotating and will change as time progresses and the waves keep rolling in. Residents are encouraged to bring their own microphones, instruments, and recording devices/laptops. Generally, the studio comes equipped with:

  • Basic microphones (SM-57/SM-58) and cables.
  • Two built-in guitar amplifiers (can be mic’d or use direct out)
  • Vintage Califone Record Player/ Tube Amp
  • Short scale (64 key) Marco Polo acoustic piano!
  • Milkcrate full of percussion
  • 2 Track Tascam Porta Studio
  • Call the front desk before booking to see what equipment is available during your stay. 

Champion policies:

  • You break it, you pay for it.
  • No drinks on the piano.
  • No shoes inside (get cozy).
  • No loud music after midnight.
  • Always lock the door behind you.
  • Please credit ‘Sou’wester Artist Residency/ Curly Cassettes/ the Champion Mobile Unit’ if you release any of these recordings.

“Goner” by Haley Johnsen Written, recorded, & filmed in The Champion

“Tender Kind of Love” – a writing & recording residency in The Champion

Visiting musical artists:

“Simple Pleasantries” by Rosetan – Recorded in residency at The Sou’wester
“Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture – Filmed at The Sou’wester
“Today Is My Day” by Jet Black Pearl – Recorded & Filmed at The Sou’wester