The Wellness Trailer

A safe space for movement, stillness, & conversation.

By Appointment Only. (Appointments become available up to 7 days out, on the hour). 

The wellness trailer is a classic Boles Aero Trailer refitted for the perfect private yoga, meditation, or chat. Yoga mats and instruments provided or bring your own!  Guided Yoga, Breathwork, & Meditations can be found on Sou’westerTV

$10 – 1 person – 1 hour

$14 – 2 persons 1 hour

$18 – 3 persons (max) 1 hour

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While in the Wellness Trailer:

  • Sanitize hands before entering.
  • Remove shoes upon entry. There are cubbies & hooks for your belongings. 
  • No loud music.
  • No candles or incense. 
  • Enjoy our signature aromatherapy items. 

Before you leave:

  • Sanitize: Mats, instruments, doorknobs, and any other surfaces you touched with the provided towels and disinfectant. There is a hamper for dirty towels. 
  • Turn the fan on high for 1-2 minutes with the door open to clear the air. 
  • Close the door.
  • Be Well!