by appointment

Dry Finnish Sauna

  • quality clear western cedar hand-milled Port Orford Cedar benches
  • Holds up to 7 people comfortably and clothing is optional.

Garden Spa

  • a heated indoor changing room with a private shower
  • an outdoor shower
  • cold-plunge bath
  • private garden


Currently, our sauna is available by appointment only.

  • Appointments become available online up to seven days in advance at the time of appointment (i.e. To book a 1 p appointment a week from today, it must be 1p or later today).
  • If you have been waiting for an appointment to become available and it does not appear, please call the front desk for assistance or to be added to our waitlist. Sometimes it is hidden because that time slot has been selected by someone, and Square holds that slot for 15 minutes to ensure they have time to complete the booking. If that person doesn’t finish the booking in 15 minutes, the slot is once again made available to others.
  • Limit 1 sauna appointment per household per day.