Our Artist Residency program offers reduced weekly rates for people wishing to devote themselves to their creative pursuits.

The Sou’wester offers the perfect setting for a supportive and distraction-free retreat. The program suits all kinds of artists from writers, musicians, visual artists, craftsmen, cooks, engineers, and more. It is available year-round and generally runs from Sunday at 4:00p to Friday at 11:00a. Rates range from $200 to $575/week (+taxes and fees), depending on the season and your accommodation. *We do not charge a fee to apply to our residency.

Wellness Residencies coming 2024…

The Champion is a 1968 Ford motor home turned analog recording studio. Available to rent nightly or weekly.

Sou’wester TV is a series of micro-documentaries of artists & wellness practitioners-in-residence.

Coming Soon… a beautifully curated website and gallery featuring the archived works and bios of our residents.