Office Hours: The Sou’wester Office is open from 9am to 9pm PST and can be reached via 360-642-2542. Calls outside of office hours are for emergencies only.

Dogs: We allow canine guests in our trailers and cabins. There is a one time $20 cleaning fee. We ask that you bring blankets to cover bedding and furniture. Washington State Law requires all dogs to be on leashes and we trust that you will be responsible for your dog while you are here.

Cancellations: We ask for 72 hr. notice to avoid a charge equaling the 1st night of your scheduled booking.

If you are cancelling your reservation due to a severe weather warning, you will be charged for your stay and issued a gift certificate to come at a later date. 

Damages: We reserve the right to charge you for damages beyond normal wear and tear, including cleaning fees. Please let us know if something has broken during your stay or you have noticed something that requires our attention. We have designated towels for dogs and/or clean-up from outdoor recreation available on the lodge porch. Please do not use white bath towels for those purposes. 

Keys:  Due to the nature of our unique spaces, our keys are often old and difficult to replace. We charge $25 for lost keys.

Quiet Hours: In order to respect our neighbors and fellow guests, quiet hours are from 10pm – 8am.

Alcohol: We sell beer and wine for you to enjoy in your rooms or immediate outdoor vicinity. Per Washington State Law, open containers are not allowed in public areas. If you would like to rent an area for a group gathering with alcohol present, please contact us for information.

Smoking: No smoking in our spaces (cigarettes or otherwise).

Cars & Parking: We can accommodate one vehicle per party. Overflow parking available upon request.

Commercial Photography/Videography: Please email souwestertv@gmail.com to discuss permission for any commercial photography or videography. Please include a description of the project, budget, perceived needs, and desired times and locations.

Other Contact Information: