Sou’wester ARTS WEEK 2022: Artists & Art Collectives

Anthony Alvarado & Jason Walker

Radio Talk Show

The Monday Morning Show on XRAY FM

Portland, OR

The Monday Morning Show on 107.1 XRAY FM airs live every Monday morning at 8 am featuring in depth local news and interviews with authors like Willy Vlautin, musicians such as Fennesz, and local politicians like Senator Ron Wyden, as well interviews with psychedelics therapists, painters, poets, activists, and much more! We will be recording the show live in front of an audience as we talk with some of the artists in residency at Sou’wester Arts Week. Anthony Alvarado is a Portland based writer, and the author of DIY Magic: A Strange & Whimsical Guide to Creativity

Ana Anu




Denver, CO

I am suspending an ecopoetic sculpture in the beach-side forest! This installation will reflect the title of my upcoming poetry book, Crone-Ology, which I’ll read poems from for folks to come enjoy. Guests are encouraged to photograph the installation, and I’ll use one image as the cover art for the book.

Rachel Blumberg


Multi-Media Artist / Experimental Ambient Music

The Land Sings

Portland, OR

I am studying recordings, super 8’s, and manuscripts found hidden away in the house I grew up in, made by my grandfather, and creating new work from them – compositions, painting/drawings, and eventually a film.

Laura Halsey Brown


Intra-Disciplinary / Installation

Last Days

Long Beach, WA

Working with student artists Nolan Benson, Ella Benson, Flynn Orr, Caroline Lynn, Akasha Hernandez and Addyson Cox, we’ll be creating a large hanging artwork that will reflect the art properties of color, line, form/shape, texture and scale. The students will be using the mediums of painting, drawing, collage and cyanotype to create an installation that reflects their individual and collective talents.

Julia Canfield


Photographer / Somatic Practitioner

Queer Love

Seattle, WA

Julia is a trauma-informed visual artist and somatic practitioner whose current work explores the power of seeing queer love represented in imagery. Often seen as salacious, she aims to reclaim the beauty of queer intimacy. Some of her work will be on display during the studio tour.

Lindsay Clark


Singer / Songwriter / Multi-Disciplinary

Portland, OR

Lindsay Clark creates ethereal, lyric folk songs, as well as new explorations into instrumental guitar pieces and other forms of expression. Originally from the small gold rush town of Nevada City, CA, she now resides in Portland, OR.

Brea Currey


Baking / Foraging / Culinary Arts

Seabird Bakeshop

Orcas Island, WA

An exploration of edible native plants, foraged and reimagined as pastries.

I am a one-person bakeshop on Orcas Island called Seabird. I’m entering my second year as a fluid, rustic operation that focuses on using produce, grains, eggs, and dairy from local farmers, as well as utilizing wild native plants that I forage myself. I love what I do because it has brought me closer to the community that I’m a part of, as well as the land that I live on. I’ve been baking since I was 10 years old, but never considered myself an artist until I began Seabird, and only then did I make this discovery after being told by countless customers and friends that I am, in fact an artist!

Anouk De Clercq


One, OK, We’ll find you when the sun goes black

Berlin, Germany

Belgian filmmaker Anouk De Clercq is our featured Artist-In-Residence in the lead Sou’wester ARTS WEEK 2022. Anouk’s residency will culminate in daily screenings of One (2020)OK (2021) and We’ll find you when the sun goes black (2021); on rotation beginning Thursday, March 24th in the Sou’wester’s Red Bus Theatre. Free and open to the public 5-9 pm daily.

Breana DePriest


Painter / Musician / Writer

Portland, OR

Finding inspiration in the rich landscape of the magical space where forest meets the sea, I plan to create abstract portraits utilizing the color schemes found in my surroundings. I will also perform an acoustic set, a revival of the songs I wrote when I first started writing music. I will be playing several songs that I have revamped from their original forms.

Carolyn Hazel Drake


Textile Art + Mixed Media

First Anniversary

Portland, OR

In her latest body of work, Carolyn Hazel Drake continues to explore the resonant symbolism in domestic objects. She presents tenderly crafted ceramics and textiles placed alongside familiar tokens of domesticity, such as clocks, mirrors, and telephones. An installation of these objects will animate the Bridal Suite for the studio tour.

Ophir El-Boher


Fiber Arts


Marcola, OR

This experimentation explores relevant materials and techniques to sculpt human-hand forms out of reclaimed materials. The human hands represent the manipulations humanity activates on Earth. Living in the Anthropocene, we are part of massive destruction, yet, we can choose to use our magnificent powers- our hands, to heal, play, and create beauty.

Elizabeth Goltz


Visual Artist

Portland, OR

Join me for a game-based workshop to play visual meditation games, unlearn/relearn ways of seeing, and make images in communication with our senses. If you miss the workshop, pick up a copy of my zine or view my Arts Week game compositions on display in my Sou’wester studio.

Mikey Kampmann


Ventura, CA

A focused week of work on a continued longer writing piece. During breaks, making a zine called Ancient Wisdom 2. The highly anticipated follow-up to Ancient Wisdom. With such nuggets as: “Cut a quesadilla into five sections, not four.”

Una Kim


Painting / Drawing

Portland, OR

Come and check out the current work in progress by a local artist from Portland, OR. Ink on rice paper.

Gino M Kline

Interactive Installation

Uncomfortable Club presents: RESILIENCY DOME

Portland, OR

Uncomfortable Club presents RESILIENCY DOME: An interactive experience of sound, shapes and movement. Find us inside the Geodesic Dome Fri & Sat 3-8 for an improvisational experiment designed to elicit humor, playfulness and new perspectives. When we embrace our collective discomfort as part of our human experience, we become more resilient and expand our capacity to evolve.

Nicky Kriara & Cory Gray

she/her & he/him


Sand Studies 2

Portland, OR

Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray are further collaborating on an interactive audio/visual installation involving the exploration of sand granules. Shapes and silhouettes of the sand are explored through various mediums including microscopes, composed music, and a live pit/barrel-firing of ceramic sculpture.

Chris Lael Larson



Shiny Desirable Objects

Portland, OR

Shiny Desirable Objects is a series where I alter and paint the packaging of goods that I have consumed — rebranding them — and then integrate the packaging into two dimensional acrylic paintings. The rebranded goods and paintings are staged in the style of product advertising and then photographed.

Anis Mojgani


Painting Poems

Inside Spaces

Portland, OR

Paintings as poems and poems as paintings, hung in public spaces, to be come across and shared in a way that allows for people to interact/engage with it in a manner not always accustomed to when it comes to poetry.

Phoebe Moore


Performance Art

It’s So Great To See You

Olympia, WA

Two projectors haven’t had a good long talk in such a long time. They’re just both so busy and it’s so easy to disassociate.

Kaitlyn Nelson


Surrealist Performing Arts / Costume Design

The Gyer V Project: Essentialitea

Portland, OR

Gyre V, Surrealist performing arts Project, brings “Essentialitea” to Sou’wester for a week of Costume Development, studio visits and New Performance bits in development of the coming piece happening in Mid Summer 2022.

Emily June Newton


Performance / Wearable Art

To be or not to be, FAT, is the question.

Portland, OR

FAT calls trash-island, home; a habitat of man-made non-biodegradable plastics – a bi-product of consumerism. Witness as FAT rebukes society’s negative view of fat, FAT’s response to capitalist consumerism and FAT’s attack on plastics. Intelligent, emotional and opinionated: FAT claps back.

Emily Pacheco


Mixed-Media Sculpture

Seat of Discomfort

Portland, OR

What is your relationship with discomfort? Does it freak you out? Do you ignore it like so many piles of dirty laundry? Maybe you’re great friends! This interactive piece of furniture asks you to give attention to the somatic experience of being uncomfortable.

Jane Paik


Vocal Artist / Musician

Elder Sister

Torino, Italy

Performance is based on a Rites and Rituals conceptual soundscape song (SS) cycle. The SS are constructed from spontaneous, improvised and composed lyrics weaved into found sounds, acoustics, field recordings, sourced recordings and electrical components which, in turn, are rooted in specific sounds and frequencies connected to the chakra system.

Bobbie Robinson & Jordan Badger

she/her & he/him

Music, Audio / Visual

Underwater Microphone: Yuccas Music Video

Boulder, UT

Underwater Microphone is shooting, editing and presenting a music video for a song from the forthcoming album by musician, YUCCAS. The video showcases the natural scenery of the Washington coast, edited and animated into a hypnotic visual feast.

Anna Rogers

Visual Artist

Output / Input

Portland, OR


 I am restructuring my creative sequences in order to replicate some of my most popular digital prints and images as paintings. I am also creating new drawings and paintings that are loosely based on other past work.

Tracy Schlapp & Danny Wilson

she/her & he/him

Artist / Writer & Musician

Prisons Have a Long Memory

Portland, OR

Danny Wilson & Tracy Schlapp are completing “Prisons Have a Long Memory,” an anthology about life at Oregon State Penitentiary. Students’ questions act as prompts for the people to describe life inside. The project has received funding from the Oregon Arts Commission, Spirit Mountain, and Oregon Humanities and publishes spring 2022.

Alison Segura


Dream Pop

It will never be like it was…

Portland, OR

It will never be like it was is a musical exploration of nostalgia, change, and growth. This EP will sample sounds from the 80s, feature futuristic vocal layers and modern production.

Adrian Shirk & Erin Adair

she/her & she/her

Performance: Writing & Music

Stamford, NY & Portland, OR

As collaborators, the author Adrian Shirk and the flutist Erin Adair combine their distinct practices to create multidisciplinary works involving music, text, and improvisational dance, which they edit into short, easily-transmittable videos. Their videos explore the spiritual nature of creative production and the real-life environments they’ve inhabited that have fostered those processes — not least of which is the Sou’wester Lodge, which they’ve had a thirty-five-year relationship with, as resident performer and guest, respectively. For Arts Week, they’ll be presenting a new video in their series, in addition to a live solo flute performance and a short reading.

Andie Sterling


Painting, Film, Installation


Flagstaff, AZ

Collecting natural pigments and ocean waters to create a painting of delicate line-work, a repeated process of building layers and letting them fall in release, captured in still frame images, transforming the composition into a living projection of the growing and shedding, in the rhythm of tides and breath.

Jen Tam



Gemini Moon

Portland, OR

Jen Tam’s solo musical project Gemini Moon is an exploratory self reflection of opposing emotions and grooves.

Daren Todd


Painter / Digital Arts

Art Larger Than Me & Daren Todd / Digital to Physical

Portland, OR

Art Larger Than Me Studios presents the artist Daren Todd at work replicating a handful of digital works that exist on the Etherium blockchain as NFTs into acrylic paintings, as well as tinkering with a few other projects in progress.

Kelda Van Patten



You’re Special

Portland, OR

I am working on a new series of constructed still life photographs that explore sentimentality. My process begins by photographing kitsch images and objects that I mine from eBay, as well as objects I find in the Spartan Manor or Thrifty trailer. Through a series of playful and exploratory actions that utilize collage, digital drawing, and the paper cut-out, I look for relationships between kitsch, sentimentality, and loss.

Fox Whitney, RoseGold, Moonyeka, Otto Barry


Music + Dance

Gender Tender: Melted Riot

Seattle, WA

Fox Whitney and his collaborators RoseGold, Moonyeka and Otto Barry form The Gender Tender Experiment, the band iteration of the performance project Gender Tender. Melted Riot features experimental live music and dance centering Fox’s queer point of view, transgender history and the surreal nature of transformation.