SOU’WESTER ARTS WEEK Artist Application

Who are you? What are you interested in as an artist?
Concise expository description of your project (2-5 sentences).
if applicable to your work, or use above file upload for MP4 files
if applicable to your work, or use above file upload for MP4 files
Include any notes about the image samples/files you are submitting.
If applying as an artist collective the person named above is the designated point person for the group. This person is responsible for providing all information and communicating all details within your collective.

If applying as a group, all artists must share the same residency space.

Use this field if you have a specific place you'd like to request (ex: The Old Spartan).
There is a $20 cleaning fee for dogs. Please bring blankets to cover beds and furniture.
Preference will be to artists who commit to the entire duration of this event.
Please plan to bring all items needed to display your work for the studio tour, pricetags, easels, promotional material, etc
If the weekend open studio tour includes a performance or other "out of the studio" event/happening for you or your collective, please list details above and include which space/s you might have in mind.
Please let us know above if there is any additional information that you feel we need to know.