Between Sea and Land: Granular Explorations by Cory Gray & Nicky Kriara

In the Art Trailer Gallery

July 1 through September 30, 2022

Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray are collaborating on an interactive audio/visual installation inspired by observing sand granules through microscopes, composed music, painting and sculpture. This is an extension of their project from Arts Week 2022 at the Sou’Wester.

OPEN: Daily 9am-9pm

The Art Trailer Gallery is free and open to the public.

This trailer is a 1960’s Aloha made in Aloha, Oregon. It was rescued from a neglected RV park in the northern part of the Long Beach Peninsula. Now repaired and transformed into an art space, this art gallery is part of our Artist Residency Program and our non-profit organization, Sou’wester Arts.