Clay Play

Sun, June 2 all-day


At Ilwaco Artworks

Clay Play is a casual, beginner-friendly session where you can learn handbuilding skills to create a finished piece! Ages 10+ w/an adult or ages 14+. $35/person. Register for any four Clay Plays for $100.

July Clay Plays | 1-4p:

  • 7/20: Slab Animals
  • 7/21: Ceramic Mobiles, Rain Chains or Garland
  • 7/27: Ceramic Bookends
  • 7/28: Ilwaco Art Walk Drop-in Clay Play. No rsvp necessary for 7/28.

August Clay Plays | 10a-1p:

  • 8/4: Sake Sets- Pinch/coil-built simple pouring vessel/vase with wide belly and narrow neck. Set of 4-6 matching shot-glass sized vessels.
  • 8/11: Incense Holders
  • 8/17: “The Open Cube” / Five-walled objects – Slab built vases, catch-all’s, herb planters, seed starters, bonsai, wall vases, jewelry holders. Leather hard slab construction.
  • 8/18: Wind Chimes
  • 8/24: Soft Slab Impression Objects – Soft slabs rolled over local leaves/flora and slump formed over ready-made objects like cups, bowls, cans, etc.
  • 8/25: Ilwaco Art Walk Drop-in Clay Play (1-4p): Mono Print Tiles. No rsvp necessary for 8/25.
  • 8/31: Soft Slab Cups

September Clay Plays | 10a-1p:

  • 9/1: Carved Bowls
  • 9/8: Handled Cups
  • 9/15: Reliquaries (AKA Ornate boxes for special items)
  • 9/21: Wind Chimes
  • 9/22: Garden Markers
  • 9/29: Ilwaco Art Walk Drop-in Clay Play (1-4p)


Please email to join a waitlist!

Ilwaco Artworks Community Clay Studio – 109 1st Ave N Ilwaco, WA

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