DIY Care For Stress, Anxiety, and General Mood Health

Wed, August 24 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Wellness Camper
Jason Tschimperle


In this special event we will come together in a cooperative effort to educate ourselves and make healthy plans for minimizing stress, living fuller and healthier, with endurance and spacious awareness. As a group we will come together and learn how to create personal refuges based in stress prevention and relaxation techniques. A general overview of stress and anxiety in human health will be met with yoga techniques, breathing methods, recommendations for natural therapeutics, creative outlets, mindfulness meditation, a discussion on diet, grounding techniques, and more. Participants will walk away with a toolbox of resources of personal empowerment, allowing them to improve mood health with understanding and confidence.

$30 per person. Handouts included. Space limited to 10 people.

RSVP OR call our front desk @ 360.642.2542

Space is limited to 10 folks

Let’s meet @ the wellness camper!

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