Lindsie Feathers

Sat, December 17 @ 8:00 pm

“The songs are about love, the life journey, slowing down, the planet and it’s dwindling resources, liberating cultural belief systems and programming, being true to the self, connecting to our ancestors and family, releasing fear, making choices, and honoring our heroes,” Lindsie Feathers says. “Spreading your wings and trusting in the flight.”

“More to Love” opens the album harkening immediately back to Feathers’ VHS roots, evoking classic Loretta Lynn with a decidedly modern twist. “Be Good To Me” is a rabble-rousing anti-fracking protest song, while “Swine” is a self-empowerment anthem–very different songs, yet equally effective. The lovely “On Our Way” is a gentle reassurance buoyed by Feathers’ tasteful lead playing, while “Honey Bee” is a honky-tonk rave-up with Feathers’ gentle vocal taking on a sly, winking quality, putting her choir of backing vocalists through their paces.

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