Unleash Your Spiritual Super Powers

Mon, June 17 @ 4:00 pm – Thu, June 20 @ 12:00 pm
Sou'wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort
Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series

Unleash Your Spiritual Super Powers

with Aimee Ward and Garnet Griebel 


This retreat will provide you with an array of practical spiritual tools that will dramatically support your ability to live your highest and purest expression as an Infinite Being. You will tap into the Source of Creation to tune into your Higher Self and illuminate the path towards your greatest manifestations. Come prepared to have breakthroughs and epiphanies, understand your divine worth, meet your Spirit Guides and see everyday life from a heightened perspective.

  • Create personal awareness with how your body, brain, emotions, words, and Spirit can be activated to manifest the highest version of our reality
  • Use crystal energetics, spirit guide activation, psychic awareness, and energy field dynamics
  • Meditation and journaling will assist you to connect deeper


Aimee Ward is an intuitive and clairvoyant energy healer who works directly with Spirit to create personalized and effective healing protocols. Her tools range from working with guides and angels to using oracle cards, Pranic healing techniques, crystal programming and more.

She began her study of the esoteric arts at the age of 15 after experiencing a deep connection to the spirit realm during her childhood years attending church. It was there that she first met her spirit guides. In 2016, after taking an immersive Lightworker Training Course with Portland based lightworker Tatiana Sakurai, she began practicing and sharing energy healing, using aspects of Pranic Healing and Light Work. Working with clients, as well as a continued self-practice, has led her to creating the intuitive system she now uses. She is continually building her spiritual tool box to help herself and others peel back the layers, unfolding onto higher planes together with grace and joy. 


Garnet Griebel is a Reiki certified crystal energy healer and jewelry designer.  She has been working with stones through making jewelry for over 20 years and has been immersing herself in the energy healing properties of gemstones for the past 6 years.  Garnet is passionate about awakening, empowering and uplifting people to heal themselves by giving them the metaphysical knowledge, tools of ascension and confidence they need to go forth on their individual healing journey.

She has developed her own unique style of energy work, which combines gemstone chakra alignment followed by gemstone therapy, Reiki and talk therapy. Garnet has treated numerous clients using crystal energy healing while continually growing her healing and teaching services. “The great healer lies within us all, so as a teacher, I aim to empower and uplift people to heal themselves by giving them the metaphysical knowledge, tools of ascension and confidence they need to go forth on their individual healing journey.” 


Monday: 4-7pm :: Accessing Your Super Powers

  • Meditation and Intention
  • Introductions and check-ins
  • Understanding how our bodies, brain, emotions, words, and Spirit can be activated to manifest the highest version of our reality.
  • Guided journaling homework

Tuesday: 10am-1pm :: Meeting Your Celestial Team.

  • Deep guided meditation for bringing forward guides, meeting them and your team and receiving gifts
  • Who are your guides? What are the different types of spiritual entities on your team? How can they help you in life? How can you communicate with them? How they communicate with you
  • Q and A and open discussion


3-6pm :: Using Oracles

  • Intention
  • Overview of many types of oracles and the art of seeing signs in everyday life, listening to your intuition and honing your psychic abilities
  • Brief Tarot reading and creation of your own personal intuited oracle card
  • Journaling homework

Wednesday: 10am-1pm :: Crystal Energy Healing and Crystal Pendulum Use with  guest instructor Garnet Griebel Booth

  • Introduction to crystals and pendulum work, uses, history of dousing
  • Gemstones and chakra healing, crystals and their properties, chakra 101
  • Hands on crystal chakra alignment, example and one on one practice
  • Journaling and Q and A
  • Crystal clearing and programming – a quick lesson with Aimee


3-6pm :: Basic Energy Hygiene

  • Meditation and intention
  • Learn the basics of energy hygiene, chakra cleansing, scanning, cord cutting, toroidal fields, grounding, and shielding
  • One on one practice and Q and A
  • Guided journaling homework

Thursday: 9-11am :: You Are Your Perfect Healer

  • Meditation and intention
  • Check-in, Q and A, One on one practice time
  • Gratitude and Farewells

BEGINS: Monday at 5pm

ENDS: Thursday at 12pm

COST: $215, plus lodging ($200 deposit reserves your space, and is credited towards your total)

BRING: A journal, pen, yoga mat or small blanket, meditation pillow if desired, and a shawl for warmth

This workshop is best for students age 14 and up. 4 student minimum, 10 students max.

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*For SHARED LODGING OPTIONS please contact souwesterwellness@gmail.com

The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome.

Visit www.souwesterlodge.com/wellness/retreats to see the full schedule of retreats.



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