Weezy Ford : Presented by Sou’wester Arts

Sat, April 10 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
The Sou'wester
3728 J Pl Seaview WA 98644

Weezy Ford : Live Stream presented by Sou’wester Arts


Weezy Ford is a songwriter and musician from Portland, Oregon. She works alongside her partner, Mark Robertson, who produces and engineers her records with homemade analog equipment in his studio, Field Electric. In November 2019, she released her first full length record , Sugarcane. Bend Source’s Isaac Biehl remarks that “Sugarcane is really the perfect name for this record— you can hear the sweetness in Ford’s tone as she beams through fuzzy and granular mix of synths and guitar. . . Ford finds herself hovering in a space somewhere between garage rock and bedroom pop, stirring up what is quite a delightful mix to the ear.” In the fall of 2020, released a handful of acoustic songs titled All at Once, recorded in the intimacy of her home during the lockdown of the pandemic. 

“…There is a profound sense of artistic and spiritual liberation throughout Sugarcane; Ford’s ta“…There is a profound sense of artistic and spiritual liberation throughout Sugarcane; Ford’s talents for recognizing them and using them to her advantage make for an engaging follow-up to her debut EP.”– Ryan Prado, Portland Mercury

“On “Shakey Knees,” Weezy Ford introduces herself to the world through a wall of distorted guitar and a shroud of vocal reverb. It’s a striking sound, reminiscent of the grimy rockabilly from her native North Carolina (think Flat Duo Jets with a hitch in its step). But the track isn’t without a few surprises, as Ford literally tap dances her way out of the song. It’s a risky and playful choice that ultimately pays off and leaves the listener wanting more.” – Jerad Walker, OPB

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