Monday, January 31st 2022 ☾ Monday, February 28 2022 ☾ Monday April 4th ☾
Available for any stay during the dates above, this package includes:
⚬ A yoga class in our spacious, heated, well ventilation pavilion with a certified teacher.
⚬ A session in each of our wellness trailers; sauna, tea trailer and wellness trailer. (Subject to availability)
⚬ Self-directed intention setting ritual in our geodesic dome with a journal-making station.

Add to any reservation: $20 per person (limit 12 people per yoga class)

Wine and/or Beer Package

Relax when you arrive! This package includes a bottle of red or white wine (your choice) or a handpicked selection of four 12 oz ice-cold, locally brewed beers or three 16 oz.

Add to any reservation: Beer Sampler $16,  Wine $18

Romance Package

Add a little romance to your day! This package includes our “Love” aromatherapy spritzer, a bottle of still Rosé, and a wildflower bouquet. (option to substitute beer)

Add to any reservation for $50

Birthday Package

Make it a celebration to remember! This package includes a beautiful bouquet of local flowers. We will also flock your accommodation with pink flamingos. 

Add to any reservation for $45



Already have a reservation? Call our front desk or email us to add any package. 360-642-2542/