Hello & Welcome!

We’re so glad you’re here

The Necessities:

  • Front Desk: Open from 9a-9p every day (‘til 10p on the weekends). We can be reached 24/7 for anything urgent at 360-642-2542 or by SMS at during business hours at 360-873-5060.
  • Late Check in? Please call the front desk @ 360-642-2542 to let us know if you will be checking in after 9pm. 
  • If you are in units 31-39 please park in the gravel parking on the east side of the property.
  • Communal Restroom/Showers: (Heated & single occupancy) Can be found in the pavilion in the center of the grounds. These are locked at night so please note the current code listed on your registration card or text the front desk.
  • Outdoor Kitchen & Fish Cleaning Station: Available to all of our guests. Equipped with grill, microwave, fridge, toaster, etc).

Getting Settled In:

  • WIFI Network: Souwester Lodge; Password: “souwesterguest”.
  • Quiet hours: 10p – 8a. The beach is a few blocks to the west and is open all night. 
  • Coffee Kiosk: Opens at 8a. Please return coffee cups to the bus tub.
  • Space Heaters: Please keep all heaters at medium or lower to prevent breakers from tripping. Additional blankets available from the front desk.

The Fun Stuff

  • The Lodge Market, lending library, living room and lounge are open 9a-9p & ’til 10p on Saturdays.
    • VHS, vinyl, games and clam guns are located the West lodge entrance. Please return titles when finished for others to enjoy.
    • Honor System Market is located in the lodge sun porch with plenty of snacks, beer, wine, art and treats available.
      • Start a tab and purchase all of your items at once with your card on file when you check out or pay at the front desk.
      • Honor tabs are on the wall by the front desk – please include your name, unit number/name. Please staple all consignment tags to your tab. 
  • Firewood: Available for purchase (you can put it on your tab) and is located on the south side of the bike shed.
  • Fire Pits: Please do not move fire rings from their designated spot or set up fire rings on the grass.

Amenities & Offerings