Sou’wester Artist Residency

We have two residency programs: The Standard Artist Residency and a Sponsored Residency; please see below descriptions of both as well as links to apply.


The Standard Artist Residency Program is simply reduced weekly rates for people wishing to devote themselves to their creative pursuits.

The Sou’wester offers the perfect setting for a supportive and distraction-free week. The program suits all kinds of artists from writers, musicians, visual artists, craftsmen, cooks, engineers, and more. It is available year-round and generally runs from Sunday at 4:00p to Friday at 11:00a. Artists receive reduced weekly rates ranging from $200-$550/week (+taxes and fees), depending on the season and your accommodation. APPLY


Up to two individuals per month are provided sponsorship of an artist or wellness residency at the Sou’wester. Applications accepted from BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or artists/people working on social activism, equality, or identify as underrepresented. APPLY 

This residency is available year-round (excluding holidays and peak periods) and generally run from Sunday at 4:00p to Friday at 11:00a. Sponsored Residencies are free.

If you don’t qualify or want to schedule your residency immediately, apply for a standard residency using the link in the text above.

Please allow time for the selection committee to assemble applications and for the juror/s to make their selections. Applications are on a monthly review (example: applications sent to us Dec 1st-Dec 31st will be given to the juror/s the first week of January and notifications are emailed as soon as possible, time varies depending on how many applications that month).

The selection committee of Sou’wester Arts staff and/or board reviews applications and makes selections based on need and project proposal. Our jurors are on a rotating basis. Please contact us via if you are interested in being a juror.

We do not charge a fee to apply to any of our residencies. After participating in our residency programs, we respectfully ask that you acknowledge the “Sou’wester Artist Residency Program” in the final product of the work created during your stay and take time to fill out an EXIT INTERVIEW.


Sou’wester TV

A new intimate view of the art and artists that stay with us. 

The Champion: Analog Recording Studio

The Champion is a 1968 Ford motor home converted to an analog recording studio by Samuel Farrell of Curly Cassettes. It is rentable nightly or weekly as part of the Artist Residency Program. This trailer accommodates 2 people max, learn more.


Coming Soon… a beautifully curated website and gallery featuring the archived works and bios of our residents. 

Ana Anu – Author of “Mona Mona Mona”







Aaron Semer – Singer-Songwriter

Worked on his album “Cape Disappointment” during residence. 









Zachary Reno – Photographer