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The Benefits of Corporate Retreats

Sora Blu / November 5, 2023

Feeling connected to others can be challenging and connection doesn’t just pertain to interpersonal relationships but often interprofessional as well. With many businesses having gone partially or entirely remote in the last few years, we are navigating tricky, new social landscapes and having to create new ways to maintain collective inspiration, collaboration and connectedness.

Retreats benefit anybody but are often overlooked as an option for businesses seeking new ways to embolden their employees. Corporate retreats are a great chance for a business, collective or group to connect to its mission, values, ideas and goals. When a team knows their mental health is valued amidst work and the state of the world, they are more enthusiastic about engaging, contributing and creating. 

(A few of the many) Benefits of retreats:

  • Build trust
  • Improve communication
  • Boost moral
  • Promote creative thinking
  • Slow down & unwind
  • Celebrate success
  • Get acquainted

Okay so now you’re anxious to get a retreat on the books. But where should you go?

Accommodating for the various comfort levels of your group is important and places like The Sou’wester Lodge & Vintage Travel Trailer Resort in Seaview, WA makes that easy. Just a couple hours from Seattle, WA and Portland, OR and only 20 minutes from beautiful Astoria, OR, The Sou’wester is hodgepodge of private accommodations and unique amenities just 5 minutes from the beach. Whether you’re looking for a small, large, casual or more formal, full-service retreat, The Sou’wester can help bring your vision to life. With over 30+ vintage airstream trailers for rent, cozy coastal cabins and historic lodge suites, The Sou’wester is a time capsule teeming with character and central to nearby towns like Long Beach and Ilwaco, WA.

2024: Eats & Drinks

Nearby Eats & Drinks

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2023 Art Exhibit: “What Else is Here?”

“What Else is Here?” Art Trailer Gallery Installation by Lindsay Costello and Erika Callihan

Opening Reception is Friday, April 14.


What Else is Here?” will be the culminating body of site-responsive work created by artist-friends Lindsay Costello and Erika Callihan during a week-long residency at the Sou’Wester. They’re thinking about rest, play, trust, the writing of Annie Dillard, and nature as a resource in healing C-PTSD. The exhibition will include a textile piece, soundscapes, paintings, and process drawings, plus a separate activation of the film trailer with Lindsay’s diaristic 8mm nature films. Visitors will be invited to engage with the exhibition and the surrounding landscape through various creative and somatic prompts. 

Lindsay Costello is an experimental writer and artist with an academic background in textiles and book arts at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She is currently studying herbalism at the Elderberry School. Her writing can be read in Hyperallergic, Art Papers, Art & About, Oregon Artswatch, and Textile: Cloth and Culture, among other places. She is interested in how storytelling and the natural world intersect in the processing of traumatic experiences. Her creative practices are interwoven, informed by birdwatching, walks, and the wetlands near her apartment.

Erika Callihan is a multimedia artist and creative counselor whose work is rooted in everyday writing and drawing practices.  Her work explores themes such as embodiment, care, ecology, grief, dreams and her dog. She holds a bachelor of science in art practices from Portland State University and has completed a two-year therapy training program at Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches. 

Arts Week 2023 Program

Final Program: Performances, open studios, and installations to be seen March 17th & 18th!

2020 Arts Week Recap

2020 Installations & Exhibits


  • Julia Barbee Three Generational Experiment
  • Kathleen Coulton Weaving and Fibers Installation
  • Sam Farrell, Sara Paradis, Adam Zeek Curly Wurly’s Esoteric Furniture and Lounge
  • Kathryn MacCrate and Heather McLaughlin Sculptural Collaboration


  • Zack Fealk Sonic Atmosphere
  • Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray Collaborative Ceramic and Sound Installation
  • Sam Montaña “Water and Wood”: Sculpture and Photography


  • Katharine Spilker Soft Sculpture Installation
  • Karen Tillou Fiber  Installation
  • Lucia Volker Painting and Paper Installation

Surrounding Grounds:

  • Krysta Sa Sauna Installation 
  • Samuel Wildman and Eric John Olson Participatory Collaborative Installation


Open Studios 

Sat March 14 12:00p-5:00p

(Performance Break 2:00p – 3:00p)


  • Wyly Astley Pacific Northwest Monsters: A Brief History
  • William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Catharsis Karaoke
  • Brianna Spencer Movie Menu Project
  • Heather Treadway Garment Design, Sewing and Tap Dance


  • Julia Barbee Three Generational Experiment
  • Kathleen Coulton Weaving, Natural Dyes and Fiber
  • Sam Farrell, Sara Paradis, Adam Zeek Curly Wurly’s Esoteric Furniture and Lounge


  • Zack Fealk Modular Synthesis Musician
  • Elizabeth Haidle Illustrated Tarot Deck: Tarot For All
  • Shaun Kardinal Embroidered Paper Collage
  • Joshua Karp and Stephanie Kesey KeseKarp: Songwriting/Filmmaking Collaboration
  • Michelle Kline Uncomfortable Club: Creative One-On-One Coaching
  • Nicky Kriara and Cory Gray Collaborative Ceramic and Sound
  • Zoe Minikes Flower Press: Zines, Herbalism, and Winter is Fun-Club
  • Anis Mojgani Poetry and Illustration
  • Sophia Munic Multimedia Fiber Artist
  • Sam Montaña Sculpture and Photography
  • Julie Perini and John Frentress Harry & Harry Productions: 16mm Handmade Film Workshop
  • Hilary Pfeifer Mixed Media Collage
  • Ivy Ross Ricci Documentarian: Sou’wester Stories


  • Bryna Shields Mixed Media Illustration and Interactive Community Collage
  • Katharine Spilker Soft Sculpture Installation
  • Karen Tillou Fiber Installation and Indigo Dyeing Demonstration
  • Lucia Volker Painting and Paper Installation

Performances & Screenings


  • 5:00p Heather Treadway Tap Dance Percussion and Experimental Improv Collaboration 
  • 6:30p William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Comfort Objects
  • 8:00p Lindsay Clark  Singer/Songwriter


  • 2:00p William Brattain and Mary Ferrario Etiquette Performance Art Collaboration: Catharsis Karaoke
  • 5:00p Zoe Minikes Workshop “SAY YES TO THE YES”:  use of aphrodisiacs to support personal practice
  • 6:00p Erica Trabold and Kristina Tate Collaborative Vocal Performance: Art In Conversation
  • 7:00p Julie Perini & John Frentress Collaborative Experimental Film “Scamper in the Camper”: Harry & Harry Productions
  • 7:30p Anis Mojgani Poetry Reading
  • 8:00p Chris Miller Green Hills Alone: Music


Sip a ‘Sou’wester’ – The March ‘Cocktail For a Cause’ at the [Pickled Fish]

Enjoy a ‘Leadbetter Red’ at the North Jetty where $1 from each pint supports ARTS WEEK.

also The Shelburne Hotel

Retreat: Sweethome Teacup

Sweethome Teacup, a devoted yogi since 1993, is leading 4 days of combining asana, Qigong, mantra meditation and chanting. Guests arrive Sunday, December 3rd at 3:00pm and depart Thursday, December 7th at noon. 

This retreat will be an opportunity to establish a daily practice which nurtures the body, mind, and voice (breath). We will have the time and space to dive in to a beautiful investigation of what it means to be here on this incredible planet with all the challenges and discoveries of being human in this time in history. The physical practice is a weaving of asana and qi gong, we will cultivate our voice through mantra meditation and chanting together. We will discover our voice through various writing prompts as well. Sessions will focus on the elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Offerings provided by Sou’wester include:

  • Full access to our Weekly Wellness Offerings
  • Use of our Garden Spa and Finnish Sauna
  • Discounted rates with Mamook Wellness for on-site therapeutic massage and bodywork
  • Complimentary bikes for cruising the Discovery Trail
  • Endless walks on the beach

*** Retreat fee is $150 per person. Lodging fee is $200 for four nights and rooms can be shared, so bring a friend or two!

To register email


Sweethome has studied Yoga since 1993. She approaches the practice of yoga and life with devotion and awe. Her style is unique and dynamic, poetically blending vinyasa with yoga philosphy, chanting, pranayama, and meditation. Her desire is to inspire all to experience life with compassion, patience and reverence. Within the Portland-based studios where she teaches (North Portland Yoga, SunGate Studio, and Yoga Bhoga), Sweethome has become notorious for her instinctive ability to nurture, guide and challenge her students through an impeccable combination of both a spiritual and physical practice.

Sweethome’s dedication to the equality, peace and well-being of all sentient beings is felt within each of her classes. After 25 years of teaching, her classes incorporate her learnings from key teachers in her life (Colleen Swantner, Sharon Gannon, David Life and Tias Little, Michael Stone and many more), as well as her connection to music/sound and Qigong.

In addition to her studies with Sharon Gannon at the Yasodhara Ashram in Canada, another notable journey for Sweethome was in 2010 when she traveled to India to study vedic chanting at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. Sound and vibration have a huge influence her classes, workshops and retreats, as well as within her ongoing journey of self inquiry.


Artist Residency A Huge Success!

artist resSou’Wester Lodge Artist in Residence Program Celebrates Successful Season of Art and Craft

The Historic Sou’Wester Lodge is proud to announce their first Artist In Residence Program was a huge success. Artists came from all over the Northwest to pursue intense study and practice in a variety of mediums from painting to candle making, songwriting to video production.

Reservations for the 2013 Artist Residency Season are being taken now.  The program offers a distraction free week devoted to your creative pursuits. The residencies are $200-300 per week.

The end of the 2012 Sou’Wester Artist Residency Program culminated in an incredible group show held at the lodge in April 2013. Participants included Katy Davidson, Darren Hanlon, Sarah Shields, Pamela Davis, Joe Chase and many more.  The Sou’Wester is taking applications for the next Artist Residency Program starting in the Fall of 2013.

For the full list go to:

To be part of the Fall/Winter program in 2013, contact:  
The Sou’Wester Lodge
PO Box 102
Seaview, Washington 98644