Exhibit: Larry Yes

Sat, April 14 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Opening Reception Saturday April 14th, 5pm-7pm

for exhibition

what the world needs now is LOVE

by Larry Yes

April 14 – June 24, 2018

This show is installed in the Art Trailer Gallery, a vintage travel trailer, at The Sou’wester Lodge. Free and open to the public.

Larry Yes is an artist, songwriter and musician whose focus is on positivity, humor and heartfelt emotion. He loves using art to turn strangers into friends. His social engagement projects include, “Free Art in the Park”, a public party/art therapy session; and Positive Words, a community-sourced installation of uplifting language. His visual art has been shown at PDX Contemporary Art Window Project and the Portland Building, and he has collaborated with the Portland Museum of Modern Art. In his nearly 30-year musical career, he has toured Europe, performed with Michael Hurley; Sonny and the Sunsets; and Elliot Smith; and has played the Quiet Music Festival and SXSW. He describes his current musical style as “positive cosmic folk.” A native Oregonian, he lives in Portland.
2014 to present Studio to School (Portland, Or.) various art collaborations with Julie Keefe and the Peninsula Elementary School Community, Including the Fruit Tree Project in collaboration with Caldera and the Artists of Fallen Fruit
2006 to 2016 Free Art in the Park (Portland, Or.) “Free Art in the Park” is an extension of artist and social practitioner Larry Yes’ long-term community engagement event series. Part block party and part creative free-for-all, this free, inclusive event invites people of all ages to paint, socialize and enjoy live music by local musicians. Intended for people from all walks of life, it aims to transcend the barriers that separate artist from audience, and to create human connection using art. Yes has facilitated this event at NoPo’s Albina Green Park, and recently at Pioneer Square in partnership with Portland Museum of Modern Art’s (PMOMA) Houseguest residency.
2006 to 2016 Art and Culture Curator at Cherry Sprout Produce (Portland, OR) With a focus on local community artists and musicians and universal freethinkers featuring installations and performances by Chris Johanson, Vanessa Renwick, Jefferson High school, Cynthia Star, Ural Thomas, Michael Hurley, Pierced Arrows, Edna Vazquez, Lonnie Holley, August Lipp, Victoria Williams….
2005 to 2008 Artist Assistant for Jacob Hashimoto (New York/Italy) Fabrication and installation for shows in New York and Italy including shows at Studio La Città Verona, IT; Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL; Mary Boone Gallery, New York, NY
2004 to 2005 The ArcTisTics (Taos, New Mexico) Acting and collaborative member of an amazing theater troupe that brought together artists from the community to perform along with adults with disabilities from Taos County Arc.
2017 RACC Professional Development Grant
Curriculum Vitae
At Paragon Gallery, Portland Community College, Cascade, “Making Change” May 2017
At Cascade Gallery, “What the World Needs Now is Love” September 2017
At Hello Goodmorning, “Pink Show” Group-Show January 2017
At Splendorporium, “For all the Creatures of the Universe” July 2016
At the Tall Skinny, “Radical Positivity” May 2016
At the Portland Building, “Positive Words” September 2015 At PDX Contemporary
At ROCA, “Positive Mountain and Positive Heart” 2016
At Marigold, “108 Positive Words” May 2015
At Cherry Sprout, “Positive Words For All the People” September 2014
At PMOMA, “SUN/LIGHT” group-show February 2013
At The Fresh Pot, “Ice Cream Ghosts and Other Fun Ideas” 2009
At Cherry Sprout, “24 Cones of Ice Cream and the Ghosts who Love Them” 2009
At Taos Diner, “Mind Flowers” 2006
MUSIC Solo and Band Albums
“Love Vibes For All the Creatures of the Universe” 2017
“The Next Wave of Omni Galactic Peace Warriors” 2012
“The New You” 2010
“Seal in the Sunshine” 2008
“Take Me to Your Spaceship” 2006
“Whole Lotta Skeletons” 2003
“Sad Silly Story” 2002
“Love Is” 2001
“All Numbers are Mystical”1999
“Alone in the House of Love” 1997
“Full on Toast” 1996
The Art Trailer Gallery lives in a 1960’s Aloha made in Aloha, Oregon! It was rescued from a neglected RV park in the northern part of the Long Beach Peninsula. After lots of TLC, it has transformed into a bright and beautiful open space to reflect a traditional gallery. It is now part of the Artist Residency Program and our non-profit organization, Sou’wester Arts.



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