Bringing in the Light

Sun, March 11 @ 3:00 pm – Wed, March 14 @ 12:00 pm
Retreat Fee $175 Lodging Fee $225

3-night Wellness Retreat with Rachel Maroudas to bask in wellness and to discover within ritual that we are all Creators of our highest expressions, here to deeply love and cherish the path of our own Divine birth right’s.

This Oceanic Ritual Retreat will be held Ocean side just day’s before the Spring Equinox! A powerful time to slow down, shed the last layers of winter and fully welcome ones Self into the glowing light of “fresh new growth.” Through the art of self Ritual, with the clarity of Ma Ocean and the universal support of the flora / Sisters we will bask into a four day oasis of deep soul nourishment ON HIGH!

Like a flower she breaths herself into full bloom.
Shedding winters past with a simple thank you.
For she knows that without the dark wet season
The opportunity for such growth would have never arrived.


Daily Ritual
Kundalini Movement
Plant spirit Wisdom
Flower Essence Therapy
Mystic Medicine Inquirer
Daily Sauna
Oceanic Ritual Communion
Living and growing Floral Mandala
Self –care Soul time
*Self Love Photo Sessions with Olivia Ashton


At the Sou Wester Location.
Beautiful historic lodge where guests can call home. Sweet vintage air streams on the lovely property for sleep and stay. Daily sauna & cold tub.
Healing trailer with opportunities for booking a massage / crystal bowl sound bath.
5 minute walk to Ma Ocean.
Nature trails to ride bikes & get lost.
Fresh sea kissed air…


There will be two special dinners the 1st & 3rd night.
Morning offerings fresh fruits and hot nourishing oat get down.
Monday morning fresh cold press juice from “Root’s” local restraint.

*For lunches and 2nd day’s dinner you can bring your own nourishments and prepare in your lodging space, there are full kitchens or if desired get a bite near by in the town.


The beloved Olivia Ashton! A truly vibrant creative here to bless us up with her gracious glowing heart. She will be documenting the entire retreat experience, as well as offering each sister in attendance a personal “Sacred Self Love Photo Session.”


Retreat fee is $175 per person.
Lodging fee is $225 for  and rooms can be shared and cost can be split, so bring a fiend or two.

Thrilled to retrieve Ocean side with you sacred sisters!!!




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