Expansive Alignment: Committing to Your Vision

Sun, September 29 @ 4:00 pm – Wed, October 2 @ 12:00 pm
Sou'wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort
Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series

Expansive Alignment: Committing to Your Vision

with Renee Sills


Just one week after the Autumn Equinox and supported by the auspicious beginning of a waxing crescent moon in Libra, we’ll gather together for an immersive exploration of Embodied Astrology and the personal and collective potentials of Jupiter’s upcoming transit through Capricorn.

Jupiter in Capricorn (December 2019 – December 2020) is an invitation to trust the future by actively shaping it. In astrology, Jupiter is a planet associated with optimism, good-fortune, vision, life purpose, broadening perspectives/horizons, philosophy, self-improvement and positive consciousness. Capricorn is a sign that helps us all to materialize on the earthly plane, confront and move through obstacles, grow stronger through challenges we face and manifest our ambitions. Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn happens once every twelve years, but in 2020 this transit will combine with several other long-term influences making it an important, and potentially pivotal time for personal and collective healing, transformation and development.

Regardless of your sun sign, each person’s natal chart includes Jupiter and Capricorn as active and important influences. Working with your own natal placements allows you to understand how this upcoming transit will affect you specifically and will give you clues, tools and timing for working most effectively with its challenges and opportunities.

This unique retreat combines astrological method and how-to, movement, meditation, somatic healing practices, and creative, intuitive journeying. You will:

  • Learn practical skills for astrological chart analysis and gain a deep understanding of how Jupiter and Capricorn work in your natal chart.
  • Be guided through intuitive and accessible mind/body explorations that will help reveal, clarify and synthesize your personal vision and life purpose, creative offerings and soul-commitments.
  • Craft a personal manifestation design for the next year that works most effectively with the exciting and powerful astrology of 2020 and Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn.
  • Enjoy a healing and regenerative retreat with a fun group of vibrant individuals on the beautiful Washington coast at a one-of-a-kind, female/queer-owned and operated retreat center where you can walk/cycle on the beach, use the Finnish Sauna, peruse the art gallery and pause in the wellness space!


Renee Sills is a multidisciplinary artist, consulting astrologer and embodiment coach/guide. She has worked with hundreds of clients and students worldwide who appreciate her unique insight and effective guidance. She specializes in crafting strategies for counter-culture success with artists, activists, makers, movers and visionary entrepreneurs. She offers astrology, embodiment and creativity as tools for cultivating and maintaining liberatory relationships, (re)generative occupations/vocation, and living in alignment with purpose, passion and integrated authenticity.

Renee is the author and producer of the Embodied Astrology podcast. She comes from a lineage of astrologers and intuitives. She has studied astrology in-depth for over 20 years and continues to train under experienced mentors. She has taught yoga and other movement forms for 15 years and holds several certificates in bodywork and energy healing. She has a BFA in Intermedia and CyberArts and an MFA in Art & Social Practice. She resides in Portland, OR.


SCHEDULE (subject to slight changes):



3pm: Arrival and check-in

5 – 5:30pm:  Welcome drinks and snacks

5:30 – 7pm:  Opening talk, introductions and intention-setting for our work together in the retreat

7:30pm: Dinner at the Pickled Fish (optional, cost not included in retreat package) + sauna and free time


9:30 – 10am: Juice Flight Wellness Offering 

10am-1pm: Embodying Your Vision – Exploring Jupiter’s astrological symbolism through meditation, movement, art and writing

1 – 4pm: Lunch and free time

4 – 7pm: Interpreting Jupiter in your chart: Understand how Jupiter works for you through its sign and house placements, disposter and planetary aspects

7pm onwards: Dinner on your own + sauna and free time


9:30 – 10am: Complimentary coffee and tea

10am – 1pm: Clarifying Your Commitment – Exploring Capricorn’s astrological symbolism  through meditation, movement, art and writing

1 – 4pm: Lunch and free time

4 – 5:30pm: Interpreting Capricorn in your chart: Understand how Capricorn works in your chart through its house rulership, natal planets and angles in Capricorn and Saturn’s placement

5:30 – 7pm: Synthesis – Interpreting Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn for your chart

7:30pm:  Catered Dinner and evening lecture on important dates for Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn

9pm onwards: Sauna and free time


9 – 9:30am: Complimentary coffee and tea

9:30 – 11am: Commitment to Vision – Embodiment practice and ritual

11am – 12pm: Prepare to depart (checkout at 12pm)


BEGINS: Sunday at 5pm

ENDS: Wednesday at 11am


**7 spaces are open to Sliding Scale, and are reserved for QTLGB+ and BIPOC only**

Sliding Scale suggestion: 

$50-100 (greatest need)

$100-200 (mid need)

$200-300 (low need)

*If interested in Sliding Scale, please contact souwesterwellness@gmail.com

LODGING costs are separate from retreat fee. This is a nightly rate, individual to each room. Please see below how to book direct online.

DEPOSIT: $200 deposit reserves your space and is credited towards your total

BRING: Journal and pen/pencil, comfy cushion and/or blanket for sitting and a water bottle. Wear comfortable clothing

BOOK ONLINE by clicking BOOK NOW (at top of page), enter the date range and the access code ALIGN

*For SHARED LODGING OPTIONS please contact souwesterwellness@gmail.com

The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome.

Visit www.souwesterlodge.com/wellness/retreats to see the full schedule of retreats.



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