Love Gigantic

Sat, October 31 @ 7:00 pm

Love Gigantic and band members Sarah King, Chet Lyster, Ryan Moore, David Langenes, Arthur Parker, and Lara Michel bring a bit of rock and roll to the Sou’wester! Let’s get spooky on this Halloween night with a dance party and Love Gigantic!


“Collectively, the six members of Love Gigantic have an impressive resume that covers considerable musical ground in the Portland scene and beyond.” Love Gigantic, their debut full-length album was released in August 2014. “Full of rich harmonies, some wicked guitar solos and perfectly placed percussion, the whole thing feels like the complete package with more than a few earworms you’ll likely find yourself softly humming after you’ve shut off the stereo. It’s obvious that music is a lifestyle for Love Gigantic and something they do for the love of it. ‘What role doesn’t it play?’ they question. ‘Music makes everything else bearable. And it gives us a chance to wear fake leather pants.’” -Vortex Music Magazine

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