Hydrotherapy Folk Remedies

Wed, July 20 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Wellness Camper
Jason Tschimperle

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Come learn the art of healing with water and temperature applications! The uses of water in its various forms have been utilized as medicine in various cultures across the world, from the Chinese to the Greeks and Indigenous North Americans. This workshop includes a scientific overview of how water (as liquid, ice, and vapor) acts as a medicinal carrier of temperature, a group sauna and cold plunge, and discussion/practice of traditional folk remedies for home use. We will cover methods of reducing muscle pain, treating stress and insomnia, headaches, immune system enhancement and more.

$30 per person. Handouts included. Bring a bathing suit!

RSVP souwesterwellness@gmail.com OR call our front desk @ 360.642.2542

Space is limited to 8 folks

Let’s meet @ the wellness camper!

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