INNER SPACE: Shamanic Hypnosis, Gathering Resources for Inner Healing

Wed, April 1 @ 4:00 pm – Fri, April 3 @ 11:00 am
Sou'wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort

Spring 2020 Wellness Retreat Series




Shamanic Hypnosis / Gathering Resources for Inner Healing

with Mali Drexelius 


This retreat will explore tools that can help us to navigate the subconscious mind and our innate ability to self-heal. We will be learning practices from shamanic, hypnotherapy, and sound healing modalities to allow us to move into different states of consciousness. In these altered states, we can make beneficial changes, get in touch with our highest wisdom, and clear old belief systems and patterns that are no longer serving us. During the workshop, we will meet with some of your healing guides, as well as be learning practices for deepening our connection with spirit and our inner knowing. Breakfast will be provided Thursday and Friday, as well as dinner Thursday evening.



Mali Drexelius stumbled into the mysterious world of shamanism in 2010, when she was seeking help for anxiety and depression that had plagued her for years. She was surprised to find that it helped immensely, and so embarked on a long journey to train and study under many gifted healers, offering perspectives and techniques from many traditions. A later search led to a different, yet similarly framed processes found in Western culture — Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning. The synthesis of these different schools of thought have allowed for a reconcile between the profound metaphysical experiences with her inclination towards science, reason, and the biology of brain and body.

At current, Mali has been blessed with the opportunity to teach and see clients both privately and in groups, with the understanding that she is always a student. It is her hope to pass along the knowledge and resources she’s collected along the way so others may also find access to their own innate healing and self-care. It is her intention to always have a beginners mind, to follow an inner guidance, and to honor and adapt these ancient techniques to deepen our understanding of consciousness for ourselves and our planet.




  • Check in/get settled


  • Meet and Greet with snacks


  • KAVA Ceremony and Calling in the Spirits & Introduction to working with allies and self-hypnosis



  • Spirit Plate, Simple Breakfast provided


  • Learning to Journey
  • Guided Meditations/ breath work
  • Meeting your allies Ritual for Intention

1:30-5pm BREAK TIME

Feel free to grab lunch nearby, or bring something for yourself to snack on. Also free time to sauna, go to the beach, rest, or request private shamanic session, etc.

5:30 Prayer ties and flower mandala ceremony

7:00-8:30pm DINNER

  • Dinner will be provided and will be created to ensure that everyone can partake! (Please send us a list of allergies and food preferences!)
  • If you feel called to bring a dish, salad, or donation for food, it will be graciously accepted.


  • Burning our prayer ties and calling in ceremony on the beach nearby!


9-11am Simple Breakfast

  • Including tea, closing ceremony and goodbyes

12:00pm Check out


COST: $165 / Lodging separate

BRING: A journal, comfortable clothes for the weekend, and any instruments, rattles, drums, chimes, etc that may call to you if you wish to make sound with. You may also choose to bring extra blankets for the beach and/or to be cozy during our sessions. Please bring anything else that may help you be more comfortable in the Pavilion space…pillows, meditation cushions, layers for clothing etc.

We will be outside on the last evening, so be sure to bring coastal weather gear. We will have some meals, but please bring some snacks if you feel called to satiate you during the weekend. Please let us know ahead of time any food allergies or food preferences so we can plan our meals accordingly.

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The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644

Visit to see the full schedule of retreats.


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