Intro to Oyster Mushroom Cultivation and Wild Mushroom Foray

Sat, October 12 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Fall/Winter 2019 Workshop Series

Intro to Oyster Mushroom Cultivation and Wild Mushroom Foray with instructors Holly Morgan and Jordan Weiss

Enjoy an informative afternoon of mycology!
We’ll start by sharing a basic intro to mycology and discuss the many amazing and different applications of mushrooms. An Oyster Mushroom Cultivation and Inoculation Demonstration by Pals Mushrooms owner/operator Holly Morgan will illustrate the workings of a sustainable urban oyster mushroom farm that you can recreate on a smaller scale at home. Buckets in various stages of growth after inoculation, from colonizing to fruiting will be displayed to illustrate the process and participants will see what primordia and pinners look like as they mature into full grown oyster mushrooms. Spawn will be provided for everyone to take with them after the demonstration. We’ll discuss the materials folks will need so they can cultivate their own mushrooms at home. These materials will not be provided and include a 5 gallon food grade bucket, substrate (straw or coffee grounds), a crock pot or pressure cooker to pasteurize with, a martha (basically a shelf covered in plastic to regulate C02 and humidity) in addition to the provided oyster mushroom spawn. This will be followed a talk and local Wild Mushroom foray by experienced mycologist Jordan Weiss as we move to identifying wild mushrooms. We’ll take a walk on the grounds and identify local species on site! Let’s talk resources, recipes, medicinal and other benefits plus how to find them and grow them! Join us.

Holly Morgan is the owner/operator of Pals Mushrooms, a small urban sustainable oyster mushroom farm in Portland, OR. Jordan Weiss, an experienced mycologist, has been interested in low-tech methods of mushroom cultivation for fifteen years and has given workshops and presentations in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and North Carolina.

COST:  $30 

BRING: Please bring a notebook, pen, and proper clothing for local mushroom foray/walk. Please bring a snack if you would like. Coffee and tea provided.

This workshop is for all ages. 20 students max.

RSVP: via or 360-642-2542 between 9am-9pm

The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Fall/Winter 2019 Workshop Series. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome. Visit to see the full schedule of artist-led workshops.


This workshop is part of the Wild Mushroom Celebration event on the Long Beach Peninsula that occurs each year via the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau. See more mushroom related events here:
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