Lana Rebel & Kevin Mayfield plus Dramady

Fri, August 4 @ 8:00 pm


Lana and Kevin’s original songs quietly honor the simple beauty of early American folk, blues, and country. Guitars, sweet harmonies, and the occasional harmonica, fiddle, or singing saw blend together to result in a perfect tranquil soundtrack for a long road trip, or a late- night porch gathering on a quiet summer night. 

Dramady, formed in 2006, is a low-key indie-pop duo from Portland, OR. They make blissed out mellow tunes that will replay in your head for days. A multi-instrumentalist band that hits all the frequencies they possibly can with 4 hands. Their music ranges from lazy Sunday morning love songs to synthed-out catchy dance ditties.  


This event is free and open to the public

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