Workshop: Playful & Sculptural Ceramic Cups (FULL)

Sat, February 24 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Ilwaco Artworks
109 First Avenue North
Sou'wester Arts

Feb 24

Playful & Sculptural Ceramic Cups Workshop

w/Ashley Campbell $65

Who says cups have to be strictly utilitarian or sculptural and not both? I am a firm believer in usable art and I love to dive into this mentality with one of our most used objects, the cup! In this workshop, your instructor, Ashley Campbell of The Beige Motel will show you the wonderful ways to use mason stains to color your clay. We will be discussing marbling and inlay techniques to create colorful patterns and then use templates, cutters, and molds to create our vessels. Each student can expect to create a pair of colorful cups to take home. 

  • Saturday 2-6p

Location: Ilwaco Artworks


Ashley Corpuz Campbell is a Filipino-American ceramic artist. Her work is deeply influenced by her childhood experiences and the loneliness felt growing up as a mixed-race kid in 90s suburbia. It has become a major theme in her work and she gathers color inspiration and imagery from the myriad of cartoons and TV shows she watched as a kid. Ashley works mostly in porcelain, using a variety of pigments to stain her clay. She utilizes bright colors mixed with pastel tones to create playful landscapes with a maximalist mentality.


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