Spaceness 2018

Fri, March 2 @ 7:00 pm – Sun, March 4 @ 12:00 pm

SPACENESS is a celebration of time, space and the unknown through experimental art, media and performance. Each year SPACENESS takes over the Sou’Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA, as well as the adjacent forest, seashore and wild spaces.

The next celebration of Spaceness is MARCH 2-4, 2018. Spaceness is FREE and welcoming to people of all ages. We recommend attendees secure lodging at one of the many comfortable establishments in the nearby towns of Astoria (OR), Ilwaco, Seaview, and Long Beach (WA) to enjoy the entire weekend of programming.

Follow @spacenesss ( ⏎ 3 s’) on Instagram for updates and special information about the event.


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Spaceness begins at 7pm Friday March 2nd and winds down at noon on Sunday March 4th. The event is comprised of performances and ongoing installations.

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Printed schedules and merchandise can be found at CABIN 8 during the event.

See the ARTIST ROSTER for project descriptions.

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Sunset 6:04pm

7pm: Spaceness begins! Ongoing installations are open. (See ONGOING list below)

8pm: Earth Babies perform in the Lodge

9pm: Space Karaoke at Rod’s Lamplighter


Sunrise 6:49am

11am: rise x fall // jaleesa johnston, rubén garcía marrufo & maximiliano perform in the Pavilion

1pm: Imprint // Sarah Brahim in collaboration with Brett Van Patten in the Pavilion

3pm: War of the Worlds // Spaceness Radio FM listening party in the Murphy Room in the Lodge

Sunset 6:06pm

6:30pm: Space Champion III opens;
I am every age I ever was by Julia Barbee will be on view

7pm: Old Unconscious play DestinationMusic in the Lodge

8pm: STATIC PASSENGER // Michelle Kline, Nick Bindeman, Matt Henderson, Kathy Duffy, Sara Paradis & William Rihel

9pm: Space Kareoke Rod’s Lamplighter


Sunrise 6:49am

10am: Coffee Jazz in the Lodge


The Cosmic Labyrinth // David Worthington, Cabin 10

Body in a Coma Riding on Beasts // Shay Myerson, Cabin 7

Infinity Hole // Sam Wildman, Trailer Courtyard

Spaceness Radio FM // William Rihel, frequency TBA, based in the Murphy Room

The Healing Machine // Earth Babies, the Woods

Manifesto 4: A Signpost | A Warning | A Way Home // Daniel Glendening, the Woods

TDRS-B // Matt Emmons, the Lodge

Untitled (the sound of a motor, running) // Lisa Ward, **limited capacity, sign up required, occurs in Art gallery Trailer

EncounterZ // DaVideo Tape, Cabin 9

Conspiracy Theories About Conspiracy Theories // Lauren Moran & Derrick Spotts, Typewriter Room in the lodge

UFOregon // Dominic Brown, jin camou, Sara Schultz, & Dana Weiss, location TBA

I am every age I ever was // Julia Barbee, upper balcony of lodge after sunset

Space Champion III // Samuel Farrell, Cory Gray, Nicky Kriara, Jason Tschimperle, recording studio trailer

SPACENESS RADIO FM // William Rihel, radio station based out of Murphy Room in the Lodge, frequency TBA

Open Signal student animations, Cabin 8

Spaceness was founded by Portland artists Julia Barbee, Matt Suplee, and Alison Jean Cole and has been awarded funding by the Precipice Fund, Calligram Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Portland chapter of the Awesome Foundation.


SPACENESS 2018 will be accepting proposals from Sept 20, 2017 to Nov 1, 2017.


Entering the twenty-first century we have myriad human theories and logical arguments that explain the existence of our galaxy, the heavens, and the universe; however, that pool of knowledge is insufficient in addressing what we still do not know – the things that baffle and confound our species – truths that may evade us for eternity. These are the concepts that fall under the definition of “spaceness’.






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