Steady & Clear: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Fri, February 28 @ 6:00 pm – Sun, March 1 @ 12:00 pm
Sou'wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort
Winter/Spring 2020 Wellness Retreat Series

Steady & Clear:

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for the Flow of
Your Life

with Laurel Clohessy


This retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga, sacred chant, and creativity as you discover and return to the HOME that is your true self. Whether you are an experienced yogi, or this is your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, you can benefit from this practice. Kundalini Yoga and meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan is for anyone and everyone. Just breathe, and lean in the right direction and you too will benefit! The best way to know it, is by doing it-so we will experience basic pranayam or breathwork, kriyas or yogic sets, meditations, and mantras that can become a part of your own daily toolbox. Tools to release stress, to unlock creativity, and be your best YOU. Kundalini yoga is often called “the yoga of awareness,” as it is a journey of self-mastery and one that activates all the systems of the body.



We will enjoy the blessings of community-in a few group meditations and exercises, as well as the natural world-taking time by the ocean to practice a walking meditation. There will be a couple of brief writing and art exercises explored post-yoga sets as a tool for self-reflection and awareness. In this weekend retreat, you will get to know the other participants as we share in community. This will also be a time to slow down and listen to yourself in the beauty of the setting on the Washington Penninsula. There will be free time to explore, soak, relax, and enjoy on your own. All parts of the retreat classes are by choice-if you need to rest or skip anything that is just fine. You will leave with handouts and a personal recipe for your own personal practice, as well as a group 40-day sadhana to continue after if you choose.

Kundalini Yoga is a tool to experience your birthright to happiness and greatness as the human being that you are. “Great challenges come to Great people.” -YB

I hope to see you there! Sat Nam


Laurel Clohessy (Deshpal Kaur) grew up with Kundalini Yoga sprinkled throughout her early childhood. She returned to the arms of this practice following the birth of her oldest son. In 2005 Laurel studied with Gurmukh to become a certified Khalsa Way Prenatal teacher. In 2007, she completed the Radiant Child teacher training with Shakta Kaur, and in 2014 Laurel completed her Level 1 KYTT with Sevak Singh Khalsa. She has loved bringing these healing teachings to humans of all ages through the years in Montessori schools, University, birth centers, detention centers, and studios. Laurel is a Cornerstone Childbirth Educator, mother to two boys, educator, and lover of all things ginger. Laurel often incorporates poetry and dance movement into her all-levels classes. It is her joy to share these teachings with others, and she sees the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga as a compass that can always point us forward, as well as return us to the happiest, truest Self. Laurel teaches currently in Portland, Oregon and is a transplant from Flagstaff, AZ.

SCHEDULE: (subject to change)



  • Check-in, logistics, welcome circle



  • Morning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • Discussion-Sadhana/Developing Personal Practice/Morning Self-Care
  • Meditation & Mantra, Reflective Dialogue Practice

Lunch Break and Free to BE Time


  • Tune-In, Yogi Bhajan Short video 
  • Yoga with Self-Awareness Art/Drawing exercise
  • Dance Movement

Dinner Break and Free to BE Time


  • Gong & Sound Relaxation. Goodnight



  • Aquarian Sadhana


  • Walk to the beach
  • Group meditation
  • Closing circle/Farewell


BEGINS: Friday at 6pm

ENDS: Sunday at 10am

COST: $120 / Lodging separate

BRING: Comfortable clothing to move, Yoga mat (if do not have-there will be a few to loan) and cushion, walking shoes, towel or blanket to sit on at the beach, water bottle, journal or notebook and pen.

BOOK ONLINE by clicking BOOK NOW, enter the date range and the “promo code” STEADY


The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


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