The Art of Bright Leadership

Mon, September 9 @ 5:00 pm – Thu, September 12 @ 11:00 am
Sou'wester Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort
Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series

The Art of Bright Leadership

with Gracie Koester



Whether leading your own micro-biz, a crew, an organization, or just participating fully as an engaged team member–your work is to contribute your unique, powerful gifts and co-create conditions for others to do the same. The impact ripples across not only work, but life. You become both strong and fluid in leadership; adapting to change and enacting your vision. The results of Bright Leadership are thriving, joy, satisfaction, growth, and creativity.

This retreat will connect you to your core commitments, illuminate new ways to lead with ease and impact, and equip you with tools to reach greater reward. We will uncover your Highest Purpose, and draw lessons from Aikido and the roots of our humanness. We will hone your skills in seeing your ecosystem and optimizing the exchanges within, and channel your vision into inspiring goals with actionable, measurable metrics. You will emerge shining more brightly, doing more of your best work, and extending value and joy in your ecosystem. 

  • Connecting to our roots as biological beings
  • Honing in on your Highest Purpose
  • Identifying dimming cycles
  • Setting inspiring & motivating objectives
  • Working with an agile mindset
  • Lessons from Aikido, yoga and meditation


Gracie Koester is a Business Geographer dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and communities generate greater impact and reward. Trained to see in layers and interconnections, she has a knack for making the complex simple. She works individually and system-wide to connect dots–uncovering new insights and pathways to success. 

Ecosystem thinking and agile strategy are central components of Gracie’s work, integrating a people-centered approach with a strong focus on metrics. She combines big picture thinking and attention to detail to help leaders and organizations design and implement nimble, powerful strategy and generate thriving cultures. The results enhance that sweet spot of productivity & creativity: brighter ideas, brighter work, brighter people.

Gracie is an experienced facilitator, speaker, listener, and consultant. She brings a decade-plus of experience coaching and consulting in the realms of agility, strategy, leadership, and team performance. Gracie has worked across industries, including healthcare, design, advertising, tech, retail, construction, and social impact.

At her core, Gracie is a lifelong learner. She holds a BA from Macalester, and has trained in Ecosystem Intelligence, The Master Moves, Leadership Embodiment, and Generative Leadership. She resides in Portland, OR.




4pm  arrive, settle in


Welcome; an invitation to Brighten

Agile warmups & new connections

Setting focus for the retreat

7pm  dinner



Connecting to our roots as biological beings

Honing in on your Highest Purpose

Embodiment practice; lessons from Aikido


Lunch & reflection & self-guided rejuvenation


Identifying dimming cycles

Seeing and flowing in ecosystems

Illuminating exchanges


Highest Purpose meditation with Adrian

7pm  dinner



Trio conversations & exchange


Yoga w Adrian


Setting ‘Moonshots’ (inspiring & motivating Objectives)

Measuring with metrics that matter


Lunch & reflection & self-guided rejuvenation


Commitments as a listening act

Agile mindset & embodiment practices

5:30pm  spa time

7pm  dinner



Gratitude & Inventing the future

Commitments to Brighten


BEGINS: Monday at 5pm

ENDS: Thursday at 11am

COST: $300, plus lodging ($200 deposit reserves your space and is credited towards your total)

BRING: A notebook and pen, a comfy cushion and/or blanket for sitting, & a yoga mat, if you have one

BOOK ONLINE by clicking BOOK NOW (at top of page), enter the date range and the access code BRIGHT

*For SHARED LODGING OPTIONS please contact

The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Summer 2019 Wellness Retreat Series. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome.

Visit to see the full schedule of retreats.




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