Working w/ Natural Materials: A Small Basket In Bark and Leaf with Rose Covert

Sat, October 8 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Pavilion at Sou'wester Lodge
Working w/ Natural Materials: A Small Basket In Bark and Leaf with Rose Covert @ Pavilion at Sou'wester Lodge

In this workshop we will use plaiting and twining to create a small basket. We will be weaving with hand harvested and natural materials, including cedar bark, cherry bark, sea grass and iris leaf. We will be creating unique shapes and designs using these 2 techniques. 

Rose Covert is a constant maker and an artist who creates in many directions. Her paintings, sculptures and woven works have been displayed throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most recently Rose has been engaged in woven sculptural work made of plants growing within a 30 mile radius of where she lives. Rose makes these very intricate and wild shapes by weaving one stick at a time, thus creating pathways to follow and build upon. As a member of the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild and a childhood educator Rose moves seamlessly between student and teacher, learning from the materials, the process and the people she works with.

As a teacher Rose is drawn to engagement and embodiment, beginning by exploring the mediums and materials we’ll be working with then using our senses and intuition to get a feel for what we’ll be making. Her teaching style has an emphasis on the magic and play of making, using questions and conversation as a way to encourage connection and imagination. 

Workshop cost $80


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